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As I thought, I’m aching like crazy, but want to do it all again. I need to learn not to throw myself about as much when goalkeeping. My shins are killing me, why I didn’t wear my shinpads is beyond me, I suppose I didn’t expect Louise to be so fast and fierce at tackling, as I’ve never played against her before, only watched her play! The wrestling bit at the end was admittedly the sexiest and fun bit, as how often does a woman footie player let you wrestle her, while in her kit after a game, in the mud?

Wrestling at the end of games has really been a tradition for me, as our muddy footie and rugby lessons at school always used to end with us all just slopping about throwing each other into the slop. Our school pitch was on a hill, and we always had to run round the perimeter before and after games, and, yup, you guessed it, mud time! I remember one rugby lesson, it was really sloppy, we were on our run before the match. I ended up being the first to be thrown in the mud by the guys, having them jump on me and whizz me round in it by my feet!! Coming back to where the teacher was, Mr. Threlfall said, “Blimey Jamie, the game hasn’t even started and you look like you’ve done 6 matches already!!” I still laugh and chuckle about it today, as the guys did that day in our little circle round the teacher.

I’ve always been a big kid, loved mud, and always enjoyed putting the two together. Why not?  In rugby you always get dirty anyhow, as it’s a contact sport, and it kinda made me like the sport even more than football. That was the first stage. Playing footie with Rikku and her ladies team years later, back last year enhanced it. Women are cute, and they’re cuter in sport, in their kits. Call it a discovered fetish, I’m not ashamed of it, at all. I now prefer sport with women, because it’s sexy, and women are human too (and nowhere near as wimpy and as unfaithful as Premiership male footballers. Yeah, you, Shrek (Sorry, ahem, Rooney, I got you confused there).

If any hot blooded straight males tell me hot footie & rugby babes in their kits, getting stuck into a game and the mud that comes with it (and each other sometimes, they’re vicious when pissed off mixed with adrenaline!!) isn’t one of the hottest things ever, you’re not a bloke, probably because you’re egotistical & hypocritical, and think women are only good for housework, which after my experiences in life, is so so soooo untrue. You should try playing soccer with them, it’s H-O-T. Even lesbian and bisexual women play football & rugby……wow!….!!

Sorry, got carried away….again! Louise is up for more training sessions, and I’ve asked her to bring some other ex-Woodhill players with her for next time, Lisa the cute blonde angel Woodhill captain still hasn’t taken my offer of a match up, she’s been busy, but hopefully she might soon. We just need a pitch with showering facilities, I can’t invite them home from our lodge pitch to shower, as much as that would be very nice to do…

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Rikku’s always thought of me as a sweet, loving guy. I babysit her 9 year old daughter every Sunday, and she’s almost like my own. She’s told me what a good dad I’ll make. I love animals, and that always goes down well with a lady. Awwww. Rikku’s also seen the emotional side, such as the side of me that came out upon my daughter’s death, she was like a rock to me, but also saw the emotional side, by me being with Kassie easing her grief. She’s seen my protective side, I won’t let anyone hurt her.

She’s seen my business side, helping her with the bus business. Making purchase decisions, delivering her IT infrastructure, servicing vehicles.

And now, for the first time, she’s seen my diesel powered adrenaline side. All her dismissal of it as my “playtime” went out the window this afternoon, as I took her hurtling round our test track in Kassie’s Subaru, at over 230mph. Once we’d done 2 laps, in under 2 minutes, and she’d got out, dizzy, her first words were, “And I thought the buses were fast!”

Now, she’s no prude to speed. She can be a bit of a mad chick when she wants to, (she plays football!) but she’s always took my bus track testing sessions as my “excuse for a bit of man time, to play with my “big toy” (oo-err, her words exactly!)

She’s never been over 140mph. Until now. And she loved it! Who says you can’t turn a woman into a girl racer? A few more sessions like that, she’ll want to try driving the Impreza! And I’ll teach her, like she teaches me footie! It’s all a big turn on, and we love women, don’t we? (Especially in a football strip! Phwoar!)

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I’ve never really been the type of guy to think that women are just housewives, who “have small feet so they can get closer to the sink”. I’ve known for years they’re just as good as men at lots of things.

I’m in the IT industry, I’ve worked with Linux chicks, Mac chicks, and Networking chicks. Women can have IT skills too, (and what a turn on it is! Not that this is the only reason I like working with them, of course, that’s not the point). I’ve been in the transport industry, and worked with female lorry drivers, bus drivers, even female panel beaters and paint sprayers.

At Matsuki we’ve got two female drivers. Rikky not included. She’s in the office most of the time, but, whoa, when she’s at the wheel of our 12 ton Volvo, boy can she push her hard, especially when all the passengers have disembarked. She knows I think she’s cute at the wheel, so she gets her foot down, and makes some noise! She actually forgot she had passengers one time, I had to kindly remind her that the old lady sat behind the cab partition was pushing herself into her seat with fright. She wasn’t driving recklessly, just quick, but she could have lost her operator’s license. That is her only slip up!

With passengers, she’s really gentle, curteous, and a good driver, I learn a lot from her for when I finally get my renewed PSV license. I can only roadtest and work in the garage at the moment.

She’s sooo gentle on the brakes, too. Most drivers will complain that the “brakes bite”, instead of owning up that they’re crap on distance judgement. Rikku knows how to bring 12 tons, even 40 from when she used to do HGV’s, to a gentle feather light stop, both at traffic lights and bus stops, and it is really cute, her passengers love us for it. “It’s the boss, that lovely gentle lady driver!” some will say. And she’s only 25, coming up to 26 on the 10th Sept. The dear old ladies we get when we do our BullRing route, they’re sweet, and know a good driver! Rikky likes to play football too, for an amateur club, she’s done it on and off for 4 years now, and she kinda looks hot in her kit!

Awww. All you female bus drivers, IT technicians, whatever, keep up the excellent work. Show bossy sexist blokes who really knows their stuff! I prefer to work with women, being a non-typical bloke I can’t stand other “typical” blokes, the arrogance really gets me!

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