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What sexy alter ego do you think a beautiful fitness trainer slips herself into in her spare time to relax, after teaching people Martial Arts, and fitness training all day? Superwoman, of course! If you’re a guy who loves a hot, fit, strong and geeky woman heroine in a cape, then you’ll love Alana! She is one of Kana’s seasonal Martial Arts instructors and fitness trainers at White Tiger Martial Arts Academy, and like her colleague Kate, is also one of our Superwoman models. We recently replaced one of our older damaged 90’s Superwoman outfits, it’s the one for Superwoman to show her midriff. Here’s our new high quality replica replacement, we think she fits it super-gorgeously well. These pictures are a very welcome New Year treat, I think you’ll agree:



She’s a cutie, isn’t she? She’s a pure geek goddess, as she loves sci-fi, and is even a Linux chick, she did programming at university. Plus she looks super-hot as Superwoman, so she’s an angel in my book. I’ll never get bored of seeing cute women dressed in all iterations of Superwoman and her hot outfits, if she can bust super moves with Martial Arts while wearing her outfit, that’s what you call erotic :). I wouldn’t mind both Superwoman Kana and Superwoman Alana teaming up to rescue me, Kana looks so sweet in her 80’s Helen Slater Superwoman outfit 😉

If you remember Kana and me going to ComicCon in 2009 with Kana in her 90’s outfit, you probably disagree, and I would probably disagree with myself, she sure looked cute showing her tummy off back then, although these days she’s more toned and now has sexy abs of steel, that’s what years of teaching Martial Arts and Zumba does to a chick, not that I’m complaining, she’s my own strong hot Superwoman. I’ve never seen her in her old 90’s one since that convention, I think she lent it someone and never got it back….

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