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Debugging SparkIV in SharpDevelop didn’t tell me anything, it just crashes out, without any errors in the breakpoint watcher. Whether the situation is different in VS2008 I don’t know, as I don’t have it installed on this machine at present

SparkIV debug from source was inclonclusive. I expected the breakpoint watcher to detect a bug, but it didn't.

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I’ve discovered a crash bug in both the stock Aru version, and KasSoft’s custom version. Running the program, and pointing it to a stripped down copy of GTAIV works fine, but while browsing the audio, it randomly crashes when the “Auto Play on Select” is checked. It works fine under XP, but not W7. I have a portable stripped down structure of GTAIV with just theĀ  ‘pc/audio/sfx’ structure, and the GTAIV.exe present, as Spark IV needs it. I’ve removed the rest, as at the moment I’m interested in the audio dialog only, to make a massive .NET GTAIV soundboard.

I still need to debug it, I need to run it through my programming testbed, or get Kassie to look at it for me, I should have more tomorrow. I’ve reported it to Aru at Google Code, awaiting his response.

Spark IV crash bug under Windows 7

Spark IV crash bug under Windows 7

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