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Here’s one from me for the ladies, for a change. This is my latest Superman outfit, made by Her Ladyship, and what a costume! I’ve never felt so naughty and sexy in an outfit ever! It’s made of Spandex, with trunks and a velvet cape. It’s quite tight, and seems to show my curves off quite well (and somewhat hides my mini beer gut!) Kassie made it for me last year, it took her almost a full year to get it right, and she loves it!

The only changes she needs to do is add a crotch zipper, and change the S emblem. She made it herself, but was only temporary, while she obtains a plastic one, that you see on expensive Superman costumes. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get one while she’s in Japan this year. Shame I’ve got to wait that long, she’s making a Supergirl one for Mika, and Wonderwoman costume for herself! My two superheroines in distress (they won’t be when I rescue them!)

How can you resist this Superman?

These were taken by Jenny, and I was feeling very naughty, and I think she was too, she became even flirtier than her usual self! She asked me to keep it on for a couple of hours! As soon as the costume goes on, i’m a different guy. Sexy, in control, powerful, and very protective of damsels in distress!

Wait till you see my other outfits! I’ve got:

  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Spiderman
  • Red and Blue Power Ranger
  • My Tidus Final Fantasy outfit, with Tidus’s spiky wig (my hair doesn’t look quite as good as his spiky!)
  • The costume of the guy from Chaos Legion (I forget his name), with red spiky hair wig
  • Chris’s S.T.A.R’s cop outfit from Resident Evil

I’m quite an adventurous guy, and love dressing up, especially for Her Ladyship & Mika at bedtime! I used to have a Thunderbird’s outfit as a kid, but couldn’t imagine myself wearing THAT again! Not grown up, anyway!

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