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No football today, Rikku was busy with work, she had to go sort insurance on 3 of her buses, and do 3 dropoffs and pickups. It seems my big match in a full size pitch is lingering. I don’t know whether to be scared being the only bloke in two women’s teams, or excited, I’ve seen how vicious these cutesy lady footie babes can be first hand, when Riky was running Woodhill, she was playing against a team from Cheshire, and they were vicious dirty chicks! Wahey!

Anyway, she says we’re definitely doing it next week, so I think I’ll just be excited for now, and then scared when the time comes I guess.

Jenny’s peed off, and it’s my fault (she doesn’t know it. I’m lodging with her a few days a week every other week, and if I do, she’ll kick me out!). She’s had a letter from Sky saying she’s gone over her Monthly Allowance, that resulted in a big gulp from me. Apparently its a 2GB a month (WHAAATTT?!? Murdoch, you moneygrabbing old fart!) and she’s “well over” that limit.

Woops. Jen, babe, I forgot to tell you. And it’s my server that’s eaten it. Probably about 45GB. Ow. I think I’m about to lose my sexy college friend who I’ve known for years. And my head to go with it. Followed by the rest of me. Into landfill. Because, if those Warrington footie chicks can get their claws into opponents, I’m about to see what a really pissed off Stockport bred babe is capable of.


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I reported a few days ago how I set Jenny up with a temporary router while she waited for her Sky Broadband Pack to arrive. When it finally arrived I used a regular Netgear engineering command to extract her user details from the Sky Router. Should you need to determine your Sky ADSL details try the following routine (this should also work with most Netgear DSL routers used by other ISPs too):

1) Launch a web browser, it doesn’t matter if the router is not connected to the ADSL line, if not connected you will see a page not found error, that’s expected and normal.

2) Next, in the address bar cut’n’paste or click on this link:

(If prompted for a router username and and password then username -= admin password = sky) unless you’ve changed it, in that case, use the password you’ve set.

Next you should see a white screen with just one of text something like

Usage: ping [OPTION]… host

4) Wait about 10 seconds and cut’n’paste or click this link

5) This will save a text file called netgear.cfg wherever your default location for saving documents is. You should then able to open netgear.cfg with a text editor such as Notepad on a PC or Textedit on a Mac. I ‘d recommend you re-save it with a different name as netgear.cfg is also used for router settings backups.

The text file should look something like :

pppoa_username: jennynightingale@skydsl
pppoa_password: 1234567aa1

jennynightingale@skydsl is your actual Sky broadband username whilst 1234567aa1is will be your ADSL password. I changed Jenny’s here in this text, to protect her.

With this info you can now use any router you like so if your Sky Netgear router packs up at least you have a backup plan. Should you need to actually log into the router to change the WiFi settings, set-up port forwarding, dynamic naming service etc. the default logon is admin and the password sky. (If you need to phone Sky support BTW use their freephone number – 0800 0512595 rather than their 0870 numbers, they’re a bugger for charging, and using Indian callcentres, which, to be honest, are a pain.

The software on Sky’s Netgear router is custom, and does not allow you to connect or change settings for another ISP. This CAN be remedied, as the board in these routers is used in Netgear’s stock retail versions. You can flash stock firmware to it, and use the settings file we created earlier to connect to Sky. I must stress that this is AGAINST SKY’S TERMS, the router IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY during your contract, and modifying it against them will either result in SERVICE TERMINATION, CHARGES, OR LEGAL ACTION. There are a lot of people doing this on the Internet that haven’t researched, and are in for trouble!

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