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Now’s my chance to show you all my new boots in high quality, before I use them in the match in a few days, because they’re likely to never look as good again as they do now, once they’ve been covered in sloppy mud, and scuffed by the ball, and the feet of the other players several times.

Take a look. They are really nice boots, and I can’t wait to see how good they are for ball control, and wowing the lady players! Click on the image to see full 1600×1200 quality, this is only a thumbnail!

Looking at them, they’re doing the same as my Gilbert rugby boots did, “Let’s get out there, show em who’s boss!”, yet once I’ve used them, and they’re all muddy, I kinda miss the shine of the newness, because it never is the same once you’ve worn them on the pitch. Look at them! Size 11 massive tough monsters! Yet they’re very very lightweight compared to my Gilbert rugby boots, and in rugby you don’t use your feet as much as soccer!

I can see an advantage to the size of my feet. Ball control. The ladies in Rikky’s team only have small feet, I’m not sure if any of them have feet this big.

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