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This is my Download Dreams torrent, which contains original purchased videos, and some I captured from VK.com and YouTube, many of which are no longer available. All are in folders based on where I got them from, and all have screencaps. It contains solo girl mudding, girl-girl mud wrestling, and one wetlook video


Captured VK Videos

I wanted to preserve the as-is quality of the streamed VK.com videos, so I used a hardware Elgato HD capture device on HDMI loopback on my laptop. VK do not allow downloading of adult videos off their site, so this was the best way to capture them, rather than using buggy software capture utilities, which 99% of the time don’t work.

Any lagginess in the videos wasn’t my fault, I captured them as-is using my Core2Quad Extreme gaming notebook. I cut the DownloadDreams starting idents off, as they get annoying!

Friends In Mud – Anna & Dominique – 720p HD.mp4
Jodhpurs, Riding Boots & Mud – Stefanie – 480p SD.mp4
Jodhpurs, Riding Boots & Mud 2 – Wiebke – 480p SD.mp4
Mud Commando – Juliane – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Girl – Juliane – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Jogging – Irina – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Mistress – Joyce – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Wrestling – Wiebke vs. Livia – 720p HD.mp4
Muddy Dress – Michaela – 1080p HD.mp4
Muddy Leather Outfit 2 – Skylar – 1080p HD.mp4
Muddy Mountain Bike Tour- Iveta – 480p SD.mp4
Muddy Sports Shoes – Michelle – 1080p HD.mp4
No Way Out – Iveta – 480p SD.mp4
Playing in Mud 1 – Iveta – 480p SD.mp4
Playing in Mud 2 – Iveta – 1080p HD.mp4
Riding Breeches in Mud 2 – Dominique – 1080p HD.mp4
Sweet & Muddy – Lenka – 1080p HD.mp4
Trapped In Mud – Livia & Wiebke – 1080p HD.mp4

YouTube Videos

The YouTube videos were downloaded with KeepVid, and are no longer on the site. They are not original quality and have other user watermarks on them.

Mud Wrestling – Iveta vs. Marketa – 720p HD.mp4
Mud Wrestling – Iveta vs. Susana – 720p HD.mp4
Sweet Muddy Blonde 2 – Matti – 1920 x 696 HD.mp4

Original Videos

The original videos are purchased from DownloadDreams, and are original quality as downloaded from there. Each video has a matching screencap file, I’ve left them off the list for clarity. The 480p SD videos were never shot in HD as they are older videos.

Blondes in Trouble 2 – Iveta & Dominique – 720p HD.wmv
Desperate in Mud – Susana – 480p SD.wmv
Fun in Mud – Michaela & Nikol – 720p HD.wmv
Mud Bath – Nikol – 480p SD.wmv
Mud Soccer – Iveta & Lucie – 480p SD.wmv
Muddy Jeans – Stefanie – 480p SD.wmv
Red, Hot & Muddy – Courtney – 720p HD.wmv
Schoolgirl Wetlook – Tiffany – 720p HD.wmv
Stuck in Mud 2 – Irena – 720p HD.wmv

To download the torrent, use these two options: this

Hash value: 71cc9c3578af283dd24ffb513a34eaf80d3f38e8

Magnet Link: Click HERE

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You’ve seen Sarah as Superwoman, several iterations of her, in fact. We recently acquired a Dark Superwoman outfit, Sarah offered to jump into it for us. After Kana had done Sarah’s hair and make up, there was only one word to sum up her evil-ness. Wow. Take a look, she’s stunning, with lovely sea-blue eyes:


We’ve never had a Dark Superwoman before, but Sarah fits her perfectly, she can be quite feisty. If we pit her against her good counterpart, who do you think would win? Not so much in a messy wrestling match, but just a good old hand to hand combat match? My bets are on pitting her against SuperKate, she’s naturally fit as she’s a fitness trainer for a living. Sarah doesn’t visually look as strong as Kate, but looks can be very deceptive. Evil Superwoman’s costume comes with some different powers of evil, including Kryptonite lasers from both her fingers and eyes, we know what that does to Good Superwoman1 Here’s SuperKate in our 90’s SW costume, look at her Super-fit physique:

Sexy SuperKate showing her Super-Sexy physique

You’ve seen her in my replica Superman costume, but she really fits Superwoman, especially her 90’s one showing her fit legs and tum. Pit her against Dark SuperSarah what will happen? You’ll have to wait and see! Vote in the comments, do you want SuperKate wearing this outfit, or my Superman one?

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I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long, and it’s finally happened! Ultra sexy-cute DeviantArt cosplayer *youronlydoll has cosplayed Shaundi from Saints Row 2 to compliment her earlier Shaundi SR The Third pictures! Check her out, she’s a smoking hot hippie chick:

Awww, her lovely curves are BACK and BETTER than ever! She sure does Shaundi justice! I had a massive soft spot for the original hippie Shaundi, and *youronlydoll makes those fantasies real and more erotic than ever! If I had to get into drugs to have a date with her, Loa dust would be worth it!

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Greg sent me a link this morning to the DeviantArt page of *youronlydoll, and more specifically a picture of her cosplaying the new Shaundi from Saints Row: The Third! Check her out, she is absolutely smoking HOT!! Where would geeky guys like me be without equally geeky cosplaying and video game playing chicks??

Awwwww, she’s so hot in those silky pants and tiny tight top! Voluptuous busty girls with hourglass curves like hers look gorgeous in tight midriff tops, and what a gorgeous tight sexy midriff she has! I’d snort Loa dust off her tummy anyday, then lick the rest off 🙂

Boy I hope she does more! I left her a nice encouraging comment on DA (I’m called Tidosho there too, my Superman cosplay debuted there), so be sure to stop by her Gallery and say Hi! I just wish someone would cosplay the old Shaundi from SR2, with dreadlocks, she was so alluringly sexy! The new Shaundi is hot, but is like a regenerated version, and not quite the same sexy Loa dust snorting hippy-chick she once was.

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Here’s one from me for the ladies, for a change. This is my latest Superman outfit, made by Her Ladyship, and what a costume! I’ve never felt so naughty and sexy in an outfit ever! It’s made of Spandex, with trunks and a velvet cape. It’s quite tight, and seems to show my curves off quite well (and somewhat hides my mini beer gut!) Kassie made it for me last year, it took her almost a full year to get it right, and she loves it!

The only changes she needs to do is add a crotch zipper, and change the S emblem. She made it herself, but was only temporary, while she obtains a plastic one, that you see on expensive Superman costumes. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get one while she’s in Japan this year. Shame I’ve got to wait that long, she’s making a Supergirl one for Mika, and Wonderwoman costume for herself! My two superheroines in distress (they won’t be when I rescue them!)

How can you resist this Superman?

These were taken by Jenny, and I was feeling very naughty, and I think she was too, she became even flirtier than her usual self! She asked me to keep it on for a couple of hours! As soon as the costume goes on, i’m a different guy. Sexy, in control, powerful, and very protective of damsels in distress!

Wait till you see my other outfits! I’ve got:

  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Spiderman
  • Red and Blue Power Ranger
  • My Tidus Final Fantasy outfit, with Tidus’s spiky wig (my hair doesn’t look quite as good as his spiky!)
  • The costume of the guy from Chaos Legion (I forget his name), with red spiky hair wig
  • Chris’s S.T.A.R’s cop outfit from Resident Evil

I’m quite an adventurous guy, and love dressing up, especially for Her Ladyship & Mika at bedtime! I used to have a Thunderbird’s outfit as a kid, but couldn’t imagine myself wearing THAT again! Not grown up, anyway!

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