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My new football boots arrived yesterday, and they are gorgeous! I’m not sure if I want to wear them on Sunday now! They look too sexy to get muddy! I picked the rest of my kit up yesterday, my shirt, shorts and socks. Here’s a picture of my full kit:

It’s only a phone camera pic, it’s all I had handy! I’ll take a few pics with my Nikon Coolpix E5200 next week, this doesn’t do the kit justice.

And, here, are the best looking football boots I have ever owned:


Aren’t they sexy? I tried it all on, and what a sexy footballer! The ladies will love me in my new kit! I can’t wait to show them! The shirt’s a lovely silky texture, with a fluff lining on the inside, so it should be nice and warm. The shinpads are nice and comfy, and don’t make my shins sweat (at least lazing around in my kit they didn’t!). I’m running my new boots in before Sunday’s match, I’ve unscrewed the studs, and will wear them around the house as makeshift trainers to get any stiffness out. If they hurt me during the match, it’ll impede my performance. They squeak a lot too because they’re new, and I don’t really want to squeak while playing, lol!

Where’s the WD-40?

I’m going to ask Jenny to take some pictures of me, and I might even let her and Rikku try my kit on! That’s quite a nice idea, before, then after the match pictures…

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