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HDD Regenerator is the backbone of our data recovery services at Kitamura, coupled with Runtime Software’s GetDataBack series, they are paid for software but pay for themselves if you’re a data recovery specialist.

One big warning I need to make people aware of about using HDD Regenerator 1.71 and lower with an Advanced Format drive that has 4k sectors is that they ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. Versions 1.71 and below DO NOT support 4k sectors on Advanced Format drives! You need to use HDD Regenerator 2011 and NEWER.

If you run these older versions either in DOS or Windows on an advanced drive formatted with 4k sectors, once it sees a bad sector it will regenerate it as a 512k sector, and every single sector after this will be seen as bad, making the drive look totally damaged. IMMEDIATELY STOP THE PROCESS, and purchase HDD Regenerator 2011, and re-run it either as a CD or USB. The newer version will correct the sectors to the proper size.

Don’t torrent it either. Dimitriy Primochenko and his team have done such a great job with this program since it started over 10 years ago, and any IT recovery professional worth his salt, like me, will reward a great team with purchases of their software. The price pays for itself, I use it in Kitamura and personally at home, so reward greatness with kindness and tip him an extra £10 on top of the purchase price.

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