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Here you are, ladies, how about me for a sexy footballer? As promised, to Lisa, Woodhill LFC’s captain, and any other ladies partial to cute guys in full football kit, I’ve got my kit on for you! Taking pics of it on coathangers didn’t do it justice, so I put it on :). Including my shinpads and sexy new boots (complete with studs!). I hope you all appreciate I nearly broke my neck coming downstairs for Jenny to take this picture! I put my boots on upstairs, instead of thinking to put them on downstairs, I wanted Jenny to see me in full kit, and see if I could pull the act of stairwalking in studs off at the same time!

Jenny said I look cute, and I don’t think I look so bad, either! You can even see my Joma shinpads through my socks, because of the flash! I love this kit, based on my old school colours. I used to love my old kit. They don’t use this shirt anymore, but a boring nylon reversible one with a garish stripe across the shoulders to the thigh, so I had this one designed on the old shirt, even down to the silky texture. It all brings back memories of my school PE lessons, and those muddy rugby lessons with the girls rugby team. I never stayed this clean for long, that’s for sure!

Where’s my rugby ball? 😉

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