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I updated Firefox today, and was greeted with the follwing message:

Different by Design

Thanks for upgrading! You’re now ready to enjoy the very latest in speed, flexibility and security. As a non-profit, we’re free to innovate on your behalf without any pressure to compromise. That means a better experience for you and a brighter future for the Web.

Hahaha, I burst out laughing! If they’re free from pressure to compromise, then WHY are they so keen to copy Google with Chrome’s limited dumbed down interface? It seems like the programmer’s version of peer pressure to me. Google’s getting bigger, sticking its fingers in pies it knows nothing about (Google +, Google Drive, and all the other flopped stuff they’ve canned in the past) so Mozilla are trying to claw back market share. All because Chrome is sneaklily bundled with installers, whereupon 99% of users are the Next, Next, Next and Finish button clicking types, so Chrome magically gets big market share thanks to usage data and setting itself as default browser after being craftily installed.

It was only ever since that Chrome-browser-for-netbooks crap came along that Mozilla decided to follow suit and give the majority of us with proper systems and big screens a limited UI by default, to supposedly give us more “screen real-estate”. We don’t want, need, nor asked for it. A lot of sites are bad enough where they are centered to 800px wide, leaving tons of whitespace on a 1200px + display. God help standard white page with black text HTML pages, they look terrible.

Mozilla may not have investors and directors to please, but they can’t keep copying competition. Seamonkey is based on Mozilla, but still has a full UI with menus, they go their own way, which is the way Firefox used to be. Google’s ideas are never inventions, they themselves copy stuff that’s already done. Like GMail, that is simply a nice frontend for an Exchange server somewhere, and the GMail Labs, they’re just plugins for said frontend. They like to make people think they invent, but all they do is take stuff that exists and make it look nicer, or in the latest GMail look, make it worse.

JavaScript email frontends have existed for years. I use Roundcube, that trounces GMail in every way possible, and it’s open source and supports plugins. Companies need to start inventing something new rather than copying the existing.

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I’m sick to the back teeth of this Election already. All the pre vote slagging off matches. Most of all I’m sick of the Tories, and here’s my reasons why you shouldn’t let Cam in, instead keep him OUT!!

  1. “Mr Osborne, I really don’t know which economists are advising you on this brilliant strategy to increase unemployment, but feel free to give me a call. Unemployment makes voters unhappy.”Professor David Blanchflower, former member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee
  2. Cameron always mentions his son Ivan’s death in PR stunts to get the females to feel sorry for him and increase votes. That riles me when people do that. I lost my unborn daughter 5 years ago, I never keep using her as an attention seeking unit. It’s a shame, but Cam’s using Ivan as a vote-getter, and it’s downright cruel.
  3. Cameron always uses personal attacks against Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown doesn’t do it back.
  4. The Tories are simply rehashing Labour policies without the investment needed to make them work.
  5. The Conservatives say Google or Microsoft could host NHS patient records, instead of setting up a central database. Please let that be a joke…oh, it’s not.
  6. Mr Cameron said (18/3/09) he wanted to create a “low-tax, low-debt economy” – or massive cuts in public services, as we know it.
  7. David Cameron would leave young people like me on the dole, do you know he opposed the labour guarantee that all people under the age of 25 who are unemployed for a year will receive either a job or training?
  8. David Cameron would cut support for families under real pressure because of this recession and who need to defer interest payments so they don’t lose their homes.
  9. If David Cameron had been in power I wouldn’t have had this year’s £60 cash boost and the Tories are even threatening to do away with free TV licenses and free bus passes for the elderly.
  10. David Cameron would scrap the right for every patient to see a cancer specialist within two weeks if they are suspected of having cancer
  11. David Cameron would cut a £160m from crime-fighting budgets right now, that is the equivalent of losing three and half thousand police officers, how can we afford to take this risk? We’d have scrotes and chavs with knives running the streets!
  12. On the other hand, what David Cameron would do is give £200,000 to 3,000 millionaires.
  13. Two racist far-right parties in Europe have today announced a new alliance with David Cameron’s Conservative Party.
    Representatives of the Czech Civic Democrats (ODS), the Polish Law and Order Party (PiS) and the Tories have confirmed their plan to leave the moderate and mainstream European People’s Party-European Democrats (EPP-ED) after the forthcoming EU polls and form a group of their own, because of their opposition to further European integration and the Lisbon Treaty.
  14. David Cameron, now Tory Leader, said ‘…an enthusiastic Tory backbencher like me can hardly wait to switch on the Today programme every morning in order to listen to all the bad news.’
  15. Andrew Lansley, Tory Shadow Health Secretary, says, ‘On many counts, recession can be good for us’.
  16. George Osbourne, Tory Shadow Chancellor, says, ‘No one takes pleasure from people making money out of the misery of others but that is a function of capitalist markets.’
  17. Their policies produced 18 per cent interest rates and thousands of repossessions.
  18. They pander to right wing Eurosceptics.
  19. They will cut benefit and tax relief for small businesses.
  20. And break up the Unions.
  21. They will lose the gains we’ve had in the NHS. Waiting times for operations and donors will go UP rather than down, forcing more people to go private.
  22. If the Tories win the next election it will break up the Union. Concerning the $40 million we pay to the EU fatcats that’s not a bad thing but we’d lose all the GOOD benefits.
  23. They want to charge an extra 5p a litre for fuel.
  24. They are more interested in cheap political stunts than national security.
  25. If politicians are self-serving, Tory politicians are more so.
  26. Tories won’t stand up for people like me.
  27. Cameron understand the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  28. They don’t understand the need for the minimum wage.
  29. And will scrap child tax credits.
  30. They will reduce the time limits for abortion.
  31. The Tories will bring back hunting foxes with dogs.

I really think millionaire MP’s need to spend more time in REAL LIFE SOCIETY, with ORDINARY struggling people, like us, then they’d see for real what a mess it already is, and what it would be like with them in power, and their “policies”.

DON’T VOTE TORY! Labour have made silly mistakes, but at least they’ve done mostly GOOD for people. Cameron has NEVER RUN ANY COUNTRY, whilst Gordon has experience at it

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