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The article in the Metro shocked me this morning. 11,000 children have been admitted with drug and drink abuse problems last year. The total included 6,075 under 16’s hooked on cannabis. 102 of these were under 12.

And, as usual, the first point of blame is the Government. Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said, “It’s a sad indictment of our broken society that so many are turning to things like drink or drug abuse at such young ages. ”

Labour are neglecting a forgotten generation of children.”

Err, Andrew, hold it there a minute. There’s something called Parenting that sits in between the government and society. You a parent yourself, or did you forget they exist? If kids have rubbish parents, which they often do, they’ll end up like they do. Parents are the biggest influence on kids, forget society. It’s the crap parenting that makes them give in to peer pressure. They see parents smoking, drinking and snorting cannabis, they follow suit. It’s natural. There’s also Law that the parents seem to ignore too.

But, instead of doing something about the parents, such as improving their parenting, and making the kids feel loved, who do you blame? The Government.

It’s the easiest way out. Blame the Government, they’re responsible for the thousands of children, making sure they’re fed, clothed and nannied.

Not. Wake up, Shadow Health Secretary. And get a life.

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