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Here’s my favourite pair of boots, my Gilbert ones. They’re not actually football boots, they’re rugby boots, but they can be used for football. I’ve only used them once, and cleaned them back to a sparkle. Would you believe that these were caked in mud before they were cleaned? They were used two weeks ago, when the pitch was like a swamp! It took 3 hours soaking and about 2 hours scrubbing and polishing to get them nice again!

They’re nice, aren’t they? I can’t bear to wear them again, or get them muddy, they’re so nice, I now keep them for display purposes. I’ve borrowed a pair of Adidas Predator boots from Rikku’s ladies team kit stock for now, I don’t have a picture of them, they’re in my locker in the team changing rooms, and I’ve got a full changing room to myself! There’s one for Rikku’s team, and one for the team they’re against, and on Sundays, my training day, there’s no-one else in there. And all those ladies next door…….

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