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That final match was it for me. My training with the ladies actually lasted longer than it should, it should have only been for 4 months, it was nearly 6. It’s also Rikky’s final week with Hopwood, too :(. The team captain is coming back from Maternity leave next week, so today is her final team training match, at 6pm, and then she’s got her final match on Friday.

That, then, is it for both of us. Rikky has asked me to play with her and her group of friends in her social team, but it’ll only be occasionally. As for Rik starting her own team, I know she still wants to do it, but time isn’t on her side, as she’s busy running MT. I’ve warned her about overworking herself too, I don’t want another episode where she loses too much weight again, like in 2006. I’m keeping a close eye on her, to keep her a cute perky lady 🙂 Why do women lose weight easily, yet I’ve been exercising my butt off, for months, running up and down football pitches, and haven’t visibly shed any? I thought playing footie with women might have helped, but it darn well didn’t!

Me, well, I get my Sundays back, and as long as Mika’s home every Sun, it shouldn’t be too hard getting back into a “relaxing” Sunday schedule!

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