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I’ve used the image (for the good it did, if anything) and it all went fine. Everything’s still the same as ever, just a minor version number change. What a waste of waiting over a week for! Anyway, for anyone that wants it, I have it here on TideLog, so you don’t have to grovel to Clevo or Novatech.

First though, my disclaimer:


–  Please keep in mind that this disc/ISO should never be used in a PC or notebook for which it was not intended – doing so may render the PC/notebook in question unusable.

–  Please do not interrupt the update process (by resetting/switching the PC/notebook off or removing the disc, etc) once it has begun – doing so may render your motherboard unusable

–  Please do not update your BIOS with any suspect item plugged into your computer (such as suspect RAM).  If you are updating your BIOS to gain support for a new processor (CPU) then do not do the update with the new CPU installed – it  must be done with a CPU already supported by the existing BIOS.

–  Flashing your BIOS is done at your own risk – should anything go wrong then you are responsible for the results.

–  Do not update your BIOS unless there is a good reason (for the above reason).

So, you’ve been warned. I’m experienced at all manner of BIOS tasks, including modification, flashing, desoldering for bad flash recovery & resoldering, so bear that in mind. Of course, if you do brick your laptop, you’re free to send it to me for repair, but I charge £60 for the whole recovery task.

-= This update is for the M670SU with nVidia GeForce 8400M Graphics ONLY!!! =- There’s an update for the Hitachi H8 controller too, flash this AFTER the main update.

Click HERE to download the ZIP file.

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