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If, like me you’ve changed your internet facing server’s Remote Desktop port to stop Haxors hammering your standard 3389 port, you’ll need to specify it from any client you connect to it from. Microsoft don’t make it obvious on their own client, but many 3rd party ones will have a Port box. The Mocha RDP client I use on my iPhone has such a box.

To do it in Microsoft’s own client, you need to specify your domain or IP as usual, then add a semicolon, then the port number, for example mydomain.com:1234. This works in both Windows XP, Vista and 7. There was no option in the connection options anywhere, so I started experimenting. A lot of services on my company server require specific semicolon and port dances after the URL, so it was the first thing I tried.

Microsoft, PLEASE put a Port box in the per-connection options. It would be easier for multiple connections and saved RDP files. Put a little text reminder in the connection box UI too 😉 It’s fine for home users the way it is default, but corporate users like me who need to change ports to stop server port attacks, and who has several servers all listening on different ports, we need an obvious easy way to set it 🙂

NOTE: Remote Desktop for Mac DOES NOT support custom ports, thanks to my lil lady Kana for that tidbit 😉

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