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Cats are cute, aren’t they? Fluffy, affectionate, and the cutest face on earth! They also like to bring you *nice* surprises on the morning after the night before! Mice, birds, slugs, spiders and the occasional headless dormouse.

Our cat, though, is slightly different. The other day she turned up at the doorstep with not a mouse, or a rat, no, not even a slug or spider clinging to her fur. She was sat up, meowing, with Superwoman’s cape in front of her! She likes to chase superheroines. We call her Catwoman, and she has a nice shiny coat, not of fur, but leather, and some rather cute ears:


We can’t get her to tell us where the rest of Superwoman is though, although her cape isn’t damaged so we suspect she got away lightly, but can’t fly, so we’ll have to get Cat to keep prowling at night, with her KryptoCollar on. Meeeeooowww 🙂

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