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Spectre fix BIOS on SuperMicro X9DRL-iF – WARNING

I recently upgraded the BIOS on my server’s SuperMicro X9DRL-iF board, and ran into a strange issue, which I fixed, and upon reflection, think I know why it happened. The BIOS fix was a Spectre fix, so it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Flashing the Uniwill P55IM with a Fujitsu Xi 2428 BIOS is safe!

Uniwill don’t provide BIOS’es on their website, and neither do Novatech. My P55IM is officially a Novatech Alpha R Pro, and you’ll remember from my last experience with Novatech trying to get a BIOS for my Novatech branded Clevo M670 … Continue reading

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Novatech M670SU BIOS 1.03.04 update ISO image download

I’ve used the image (for the good it did, if anything) and it all went fine. Everything’s still the same as ever, just a minor version number change. What a waste of waiting over a week for! Anyway, for anyone … Continue reading

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The Clevo M670SU V1.01.03 BIOS is buggy, I’m sure of it..

This is the version on mine, and it seems really weird to me. It’s stopping me installing Mac OS x86 on it, no matter what I try, I’m getting “Still waiting for root device” after installation, regardless of what drivers … Continue reading

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