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I recently had a TideLog reader, Steve, contact me about his Menvier TS800 control panel, saying the panel was fine, but the charge voltage was intermittent, even with a new battery. A few days afterwards he dropped it off to me, lo and behold, just like the Optima, a worn resistor, under the keypad. Here’s a picture of what it should look like, and where it is located:

Menvier-TS800-resistors-locationThe one I’ve highlighted in green, labelled R52, supplies the +ve 13.6v feed to the battery, via D14 to the bottom left of it, which also seems to supply the telephone module terminal block with +ve voltage too. R83, which is the green resistor highlighted in blue, supplies the AUX 12v for PIR’s and such, and 12.6v to the bell.

Check both resistors, and all diodes for continuity and correct resistance, use my band code chart, in the Optima article, by clicking HERE. R52 on Steve’s board wasn’t badly burnt, but the resistor ceramic coating, along with the colour bands, had come off, there was slight burn evidence at the solder joints, and the voltage was stable until the board was under load, once the resistor warms up it breaks down when loaded with a flat battery on the charge rail.

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I bought my silver 80GB Classic 2 years ago next month. I regularly use it to store files on, and haven’t used the iPod aspect much. That means I rarely discharge it. I normally do discharge/recharge cycles on all my batteries, it keeps the lifetime going, they wear out otherwise, similar to the old NiCad memory effect. The battery can be full, but the iPod thinks it’s empty, vice-versa.

But, my battery still seems to discharge correctly. I left it with a couple of old episodes of Torchwood running with the backlight on full, and it lasted well over an hour!

My old Thomson Lyra PDP2842U was a 20GB heap of crap, the battery expanded on it, and the hard drive bearings went after 12 months, leaving me 20GB of songs and files out of pocket. What a pile of JUNK! Never buy Thomson, they’re shite, and customer support are a bunch of uninterested subject changing schoolkid morons!

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