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This is my Download Dreams torrent, which contains original purchased videos, and some I captured from VK.com and YouTube, many of which are no longer available. All are in folders based on where I got them from, and all have screencaps. It contains solo girl mudding, girl-girl mud wrestling, and one wetlook video


Captured VK Videos

I wanted to preserve the as-is quality of the streamed VK.com videos, so I used a hardware Elgato HD capture device on HDMI loopback on my laptop. VK do not allow downloading of adult videos off their site, so this was the best way to capture them, rather than using buggy software capture utilities, which 99% of the time don’t work.

Any lagginess in the videos wasn’t my fault, I captured them as-is using my Core2Quad Extreme gaming notebook. I cut the DownloadDreams starting idents off, as they get annoying!

Friends In Mud – Anna & Dominique – 720p HD.mp4
Jodhpurs, Riding Boots & Mud – Stefanie – 480p SD.mp4
Jodhpurs, Riding Boots & Mud 2 – Wiebke – 480p SD.mp4
Mud Commando – Juliane – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Girl – Juliane – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Jogging – Irina – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Mistress – Joyce – 1080p HD.mp4
Mud Wrestling – Wiebke vs. Livia – 720p HD.mp4
Muddy Dress – Michaela – 1080p HD.mp4
Muddy Leather Outfit 2 – Skylar – 1080p HD.mp4
Muddy Mountain Bike Tour- Iveta – 480p SD.mp4
Muddy Sports Shoes – Michelle – 1080p HD.mp4
No Way Out – Iveta – 480p SD.mp4
Playing in Mud 1 – Iveta – 480p SD.mp4
Playing in Mud 2 – Iveta – 1080p HD.mp4
Riding Breeches in Mud 2 – Dominique – 1080p HD.mp4
Sweet & Muddy – Lenka – 1080p HD.mp4
Trapped In Mud – Livia & Wiebke – 1080p HD.mp4

YouTube Videos

The YouTube videos were downloaded with KeepVid, and are no longer on the site. They are not original quality and have other user watermarks on them.

Mud Wrestling – Iveta vs. Marketa – 720p HD.mp4
Mud Wrestling – Iveta vs. Susana – 720p HD.mp4
Sweet Muddy Blonde 2 – Matti – 1920 x 696 HD.mp4

Original Videos

The original videos are purchased from DownloadDreams, and are original quality as downloaded from there. Each video has a matching screencap file, I’ve left them off the list for clarity. The 480p SD videos were never shot in HD as they are older videos.

Blondes in Trouble 2 – Iveta & Dominique – 720p HD.wmv
Desperate in Mud – Susana – 480p SD.wmv
Fun in Mud – Michaela & Nikol – 720p HD.wmv
Mud Bath – Nikol – 480p SD.wmv
Mud Soccer – Iveta & Lucie – 480p SD.wmv
Muddy Jeans – Stefanie – 480p SD.wmv
Red, Hot & Muddy – Courtney – 720p HD.wmv
Schoolgirl Wetlook – Tiffany – 720p HD.wmv
Stuck in Mud 2 – Irena – 720p HD.wmv

To download the torrent, use these two options: this

Hash value: 71cc9c3578af283dd24ffb513a34eaf80d3f38e8

Magnet Link: Click HERE

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As I thought, I’m aching like crazy, but want to do it all again. I need to learn not to throw myself about as much when goalkeeping. My shins are killing me, why I didn’t wear my shinpads is beyond me, I suppose I didn’t expect Louise to be so fast and fierce at tackling, as I’ve never played against her before, only watched her play! The wrestling bit at the end was admittedly the sexiest and fun bit, as how often does a woman footie player let you wrestle her, while in her kit after a game, in the mud?

Wrestling at the end of games has really been a tradition for me, as our muddy footie and rugby lessons at school always used to end with us all just slopping about throwing each other into the slop. Our school pitch was on a hill, and we always had to run round the perimeter before and after games, and, yup, you guessed it, mud time! I remember one rugby lesson, it was really sloppy, we were on our run before the match. I ended up being the first to be thrown in the mud by the guys, having them jump on me and whizz me round in it by my feet!! Coming back to where the teacher was, Mr. Threlfall said, “Blimey Jamie, the game hasn’t even started and you look like you’ve done 6 matches already!!” I still laugh and chuckle about it today, as the guys did that day in our little circle round the teacher.

I’ve always been a big kid, loved mud, and always enjoyed putting the two together. Why not?  In rugby you always get dirty anyhow, as it’s a contact sport, and it kinda made me like the sport even more than football. That was the first stage. Playing footie with Rikku and her ladies team years later, back last year enhanced it. Women are cute, and they’re cuter in sport, in their kits. Call it a discovered fetish, I’m not ashamed of it, at all. I now prefer sport with women, because it’s sexy, and women are human too (and nowhere near as wimpy and as unfaithful as Premiership male footballers. Yeah, you, Shrek (Sorry, ahem, Rooney, I got you confused there).

If any hot blooded straight males tell me hot footie & rugby babes in their kits, getting stuck into a game and the mud that comes with it (and each other sometimes, they’re vicious when pissed off mixed with adrenaline!!) isn’t one of the hottest things ever, you’re not a bloke, probably because you’re egotistical & hypocritical, and think women are only good for housework, which after my experiences in life, is so so soooo untrue. You should try playing soccer with them, it’s H-O-T. Even lesbian and bisexual women play football & rugby……wow!….!!

Sorry, got carried away….again! Louise is up for more training sessions, and I’ve asked her to bring some other ex-Woodhill players with her for next time, Lisa the cute blonde angel Woodhill captain still hasn’t taken my offer of a match up, she’s been busy, but hopefully she might soon. We just need a pitch with showering facilities, I can’t invite them home from our lodge pitch to shower, as much as that would be very nice to do…

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