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As I thought, I’m aching like crazy, but want to do it all again. I need to learn not to throw myself about as much when goalkeeping. My shins are killing me, why I didn’t wear my shinpads is beyond me, I suppose I didn’t expect Louise to be so fast and fierce at tackling, as I’ve never played against her before, only watched her play! The wrestling bit at the end was admittedly the sexiest and fun bit, as how often does a woman footie player let you wrestle her, while in her kit after a game, in the mud?

Wrestling at the end of games has really been a tradition for me, as our muddy footie and rugby lessons at school always used to end with us all just slopping about throwing each other into the slop. Our school pitch was on a hill, and we always had to run round the perimeter before and after games, and, yup, you guessed it, mud time! I remember one rugby lesson, it was really sloppy, we were on our run before the match. I ended up being the first to be thrown in the mud by the guys, having them jump on me and whizz me round in it by my feet!! Coming back to where the teacher was, Mr. Threlfall said, “Blimey Jamie, the game hasn’t even started and you look like you’ve done 6 matches already!!” I still laugh and chuckle about it today, as the guys did that day in our little circle round the teacher.

I’ve always been a big kid, loved mud, and always enjoyed putting the two together. Why not?  In rugby you always get dirty anyhow, as it’s a contact sport, and it kinda made me like the sport even more than football. That was the first stage. Playing footie with Rikku and her ladies team years later, back last year enhanced it. Women are cute, and they’re cuter in sport, in their kits. Call it a discovered fetish, I’m not ashamed of it, at all. I now prefer sport with women, because it’s sexy, and women are human too (and nowhere near as wimpy and as unfaithful as Premiership male footballers. Yeah, you, Shrek (Sorry, ahem, Rooney, I got you confused there).

If any hot blooded straight males tell me hot footie & rugby babes in their kits, getting stuck into a game and the mud that comes with it (and each other sometimes, they’re vicious when pissed off mixed with adrenaline!!) isn’t one of the hottest things ever, you’re not a bloke, probably because you’re egotistical & hypocritical, and think women are only good for housework, which after my experiences in life, is so so soooo untrue. You should try playing soccer with them, it’s H-O-T. Even lesbian and bisexual women play football & rugby……wow!….!!

Sorry, got carried away….again! Louise is up for more training sessions, and I’ve asked her to bring some other ex-Woodhill players with her for next time, Lisa the cute blonde angel Woodhill captain still hasn’t taken my offer of a match up, she’s been busy, but hopefully she might soon. We just need a pitch with showering facilities, I can’t invite them home from our lodge pitch to shower, as much as that would be very nice to do…

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Yesterday was good! I got changed into my kit at Jenny’s this time, before setting off for Manchester on the bus and tram. I was deliberately doing a Rikku trick, showing off to the ladies on my journey, and got quite a few admiring glances from some very cute ladies! If you were one of the girls on the 471 going to Bury and Rochdale yesterday, the lad in the sky blue and navy silk football kit was me!

I’ve had a go on one of the new trams, and they’re sooo quiet! I’m not sure of the colour scheme though, bright yellow? I suppose Serco Stagecoach don’t know about inconspicuous? Or is it so the drunks can actually SEE the tram when they’re pissed so they don’t end up railkill? 🙂 Trams are boring, quiet, and electric. Buses all the way! Noisy, powerful growlers that let you know they’re working hard!

I got to Manchester, and there was cute ol’ Rikky herself, waiting for me at the tram stop looking as cute as can be in her football kit, her lovely long red hair flowing sexily over her shoulders, gleaming in the sunlight, big hazel eyes looking at me in their usual aren’t-I-cute? look. Woops, got carried away there…..! I could write a book about her, spend a lifetime writing it, and never finish, we’ve got so much history. I just love her with red hair, I’ve always been used to the brunette Rikky look for the past 7 years, with her hair black occasionally. Cue more blokes and ladies (women at me and blokes at Riky!) giving us the “ooooh!”  and “phwoar!” looks as we got to her Merc, and drove to Birmingham. I should wear my footie kit permanently, I’ve never had so much female attention!

The training and match was good, the pitch was squelchy but not sloppy like my rugby match on Friday. The other girls hadn’t seen Rik with her hair red (the name for it is Radiant Red, according to her, but she looks more Ravishing!), so they were taken aback when they finally realised it was her!

Rikky and I spent our usual hour in one to one training, this time she was teaching me heading techniques, and chest control. I’m just glad she wears a padded bra and protective inserts, the speed at which she chested some of my shots would have hurt her puppies 🙁

The match was a bit more competitive than I’m used to. I think Rikky’s upped the ante a little, to see where my current limits are. She was against my side, and tackled me a lot faster and harder. I fell and slid a lot more! All in all I didn’t do so well this week, mainly due to me still aching from my frantic rugby match on Friday!

Note to self: Don’t do too much sport in a 3 day period, as a training player. It doesn’t work! If I was a pro, maybe!

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