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I’ve finally remembered to bring my Ralink USB dongle to Jenny’s, so I can use Ami, my Fujitsu Li 1818 with Mac OS Leopard 10.5.6 x86, on the Internet. She runs really well, as a Core 2 Duo based Mac should. For these occasions, I’ve even brought an Apple logo fridge magnet, to stick to the computer, so that I’m not breaking the T&C’s which state that OS X “must be used only on an Apple branded machine”, which Ami now is, when Mac OS is running, anyway, and not Windows 7!

I’ve always thought that rather unfair, Mac users can use Windows on their posh, expensive aluminium boxes, but us standard PC users can’t use Mac OS, Apple have always forbidden it, and were unwilling to license it for such use, even after they switched to Intel processors.

This is my way of saying, “I can, Mr Steve Jobs, and try stopping me!” The hacking community is always 10 steps ahead! Here’s my About This Mac dialog:

My Fujitsu Amilo Li 1818 is a Mac!

My Fujitsu Amilo Li 1818 is a Mac!

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The computer hardware & software industries have gone nuts. Microsoft have been sued for including Windows Media Player and IE with their OS, when they’ve been doing it for YEARS, everyone branded it ‘anti-competitive’. Apple forced people to use their crappy iTunes software with iPods. They’re now forcing you to use their shitty earbuds with the new Shuffle, or pay 150% more for third party higher quality ones. The new design has the playback controls on the earbud data cable, meaning one of two things:

1. You stick with the shit things that come with the Shuffle;


2. You buy a special set of earphones from companies Apple have done schmuck deals with, such as Bose, and Sennheiser, which are vastly overpriced! You see them on display in Apple stores, for £200, about 40% more than the cost of a 160GB iPod Classic!

Yet, no one seems to have cried….not even FANBOIS….you can here a pin drop…….

Plus the new earphones are reported to have DRM in them….DRM, in earphones? Apparently so, there’s a tiny chip, minuscule, hiiden under the button board, glued to the plastic. This could mean headphone manufacturers having to pay fees to make earphones for the Shuffle!

Why? Why should Microsoft be done for the tiniest thing, yet Apple get away with something like this? Hello…this is ANTI-COMPETITIVE, even WORSE than Microsoft, at least you can still install your own browser and media player alongside their built in stuff. I’m starting to go off Apple. I don’t give a crap about Steve Jobs being ‘ill’, he’s been ill all his damn life, it’s called running Apple and mugging customers off, plus getting away with it. At least now the open source movement means i’m not stuck with iTunes, which becomes more and more bloated with every new version.

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In WordPress 2.7.1 (and probably previous versions), the admin page that allows for theme activation has a bug that you might find annoying

Today I was setting up a blog for Rikku and completely replaced the default ‘wp-content/themes’ directory with a ‘wp-content/themes’ directory checked out of our SVN. This removed the default theme (Kubrick) and left only the theme I was working on for her blog.

For some reason, the theme admin page did not show any themes – it took me about 20 minutes to trace the code to figure out what was going on.

The wp-admin/themes.php file has code at line 139 that checks to see if more than one theme is present:

if ( 1 < $theme_total ) {

If more than 1 theme is found, then the grid of themes is shown so that you can choose between them. However, in my situation I had deleted all other themes leaving just 1 theme but had not yet activated that theme. In this case, no theme is active, and there is no way to select the 1 theme that is in the ‘wp-content/themes’ directory.

To fix it, change that code to:

if ( 1 <= $theme_total ) {

or upload another theme so there is more than one theme installed. Then you can select the theme you need, and you’re sorted!

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