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This torrent was created by me, AngelJames, aka Tidosho. I've been a 
fan of racequeens for years, and started this collection when I 
joined in 2007, and, using eMule and other sites, have collected all 
the previous stuff now removed from TopQueen. I've
decided to provide the racequeen fan community with this single 
pack, as a tribute, and for avid TQ collectors.

I do a backup every few months, this is my first one, it fits on a 
single DVD, so my next torrent will be when i have 4.3GB
worth of the next 12 months. There is a recovery record included, 
to recover any damaged files.

It contains the following:


200803xx to 200905xx


200405xx to 200905xx

Topqueen Excite

200803xx to 200905xx

If you do share contents of this, I ask that you give me credit, as 
I've been paying subscription fees to TopQueen, MaidQueenz
and TopQueen Excite, they're all separate subscriptions, and it's 
cost me a lot. They're not free sites.

If you would like to donate for me to keep doing this, it would be 
nice, I don't ask much, but it will enable me to continue
paying subscriptions to provide you all with this sexy content. 
Just the odd £5 here and there, and I'll keep doing it as long
as The Topqueen Ltd group do. They win, you guys do, and I do.

Blog: http://tidelog.kitamuracomputers.com

Donations (Via PayPal): payments@kitamuracomputers.com

My company website: www.kitamuracomputers.com

Enjoy! Give me feedback, to enable me to keep this torrent popular! 
I'll seed until there are at least two copies of this, or
if there are too many snatch and grabbers keeping it from being 

I've uploaded it to The Pirate Bay, too, click HERE to visit my 
torrent page. 

Click Tidosho's TopQueen torrent to download it from TideLog.


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