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Goes by the name Tori. This outfit was acquired from a fancy dress shop, and looks like it was self made by someone, it is pretty cool, but the logo could do with being brightened up a bit, or remade using CAD. The G (for Galactic) is backwards, so we’re not sure if we should make her the BAD Galactic Goddess, or the good one…. You might be forgiven for thinking her costume is very similar to Superwoman. It is, but Galactic Goddess’s job is to protect the outer universe from alien life, whilst Superwoman mainly focuses on life on Earth. If any baddies get past Galactic Goddess and actually get to Earth, Superwoman will deal with them.I’ve actually come up with a partial storyline for a shoot and video that’s quite unique, involving both messy wrestling, catfighting, and the appearance of my lovely friend Hannah in her Rogue outfit.

Galactic Goddess has always liked Superwoman and has fantasized about fighting her, she decides one day to see if Superwoman can be rubbed up the wrong way, and lets a load of Aliens get to Earth by deliberately oversleeping one day. Keep reading past the pics for more:



Superwoman starts to question Galactic Goddess’s skills, gets angry at her for slacking, and sets off outside Earth, through Space, to find her and find out what’s going on and why there’s an influx of aliens getting to Earth. Superwoman finds Galactic Goddess in her space cave, they have a discussion, which inevitably turns into a heated superheroine vs. superheroine argument. They start fighting, and Galactic Goddess lures Superwoman towards a pit in her cave, which has a special gunge substance bubbling away. It is Galactic Goddess’s special bath lotion to protect her skin from Alien rays, but it is harmful to Superwoman. Neither heroine knows this until they end up sploshing and fighting in it, still in uniform. Aliens lose their harmful rays when past the Earth’s atmosphere, so Superwoman doesn’t need to be protected from them. Superwoman suddenly starts weakening, screaming in pain while writhing in agony in the gloop. Rogue (from X-Men, Hannah plays her) is Superwoman’s friend, she hears her ultrasonic screams, and runs at lightning speed to find her.

Rogue immediately goes for Galactic Goddess, pulling her out of the gunge pit by her hair, punching and kicking her unconscious so she can help Superwoman. She kneels by the gunge pit, urging a semi-conscious Superwoman to come to her. Superwoman weakly swims through the gloop, and as Rogue is pulling her out and helping her to one side, Galactic Goddess comes round, and pushes Rogue and Superwoman back in, jumping in with them, Rogue’s sexy skintight green and yellow bodysuit and green boots are resistant to alien lotion gunge, so they both fight it out, slopping around, making a mess of each other’s heroine uniforms, and each other.

Superwoman manages to swim through the gloop to the opposite side while Rogue fights Galactic Goddess, she climbs out, and watches from the side, too weak to help, until she realizes if she takes her uniform off she’d be resistant to Galactic Goddess’s gunge bath lotion. This brings its own problems. Not only does she lose her superpowers, she becomes a normal human woman, in just her swimsuit, with only her normal human fitness to help her, which is nothing compared to her superpowers, but she needs to make sure her uniform will not get stolen, so as Rogue and Galactic Goddess fight it out distracted, she slips behind a big rock in Galactic’s space cave, takes off her Superwoman uniform and boots, and slips it under the rock, left in just her swimsuit. Now her uniform’s off she starts to recover, albeit only to human strength, but she knows she has to do something to help Rogue, her best girlfriend. Time to use human Karate skills, and hope for the best…..

You’ll have to wait for the picset and video to find out what happens, but Kana’s already accepted my script ideas. Keep in mind I’ve only just come up with it since we found the uniform, we have other shoots and videos planned first once our site is fully operational.

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In the form of Alicia, a Supergirl fangirl! She saw Kana’s advertisement for superheroine models over on Cosplay.com, and she’s come to us with her very own Superwoman outfit, she made it all herself, and she looks an absolute angel. If Carlsberg did angelic superheroines, this is what they’d look like:

Alicia as Supergirl

Awwww, isn’t she super sexily, perfectly adorable? She’s all natural, there’s no Photoshopping involved at all, except from us putting the semi-transparent Kana Photographics logo in. If she looks perfect it’s down to Kana’s awesome makeup artist skills :). The shininess of her costume is real, and is so sensual on her. She made it all herself, it’s made of Spandex with a silk like cape. Superwoman looks best with a tight shiny Spandex costume, as it wraps around her delicate womanly curves. Her bootees are simply leg covers, she’s actually wearing high heeled shoes and not boots, with shiny tights underneath to make her cute slender legs shinier 🙂 I love the way she’s done the S diamond emblem’s background piece with gold rather than yellow, along with the gold on the fake skirt belt. The S itself is made of red leather, and looks spot on. There’s a gold S on the back of the cape which you can’t see in the pic.

To finish off, she has contact lenses in, the light from the lightbox reflected off them perfectly, her eyes look like marbles 🙂 Just hope she doesn’t switch the lasers on at you 😉 Sadly, if we do any messy fights with her, she won’t be wearing this outfit, she doesn’t want to ruin it, which we totally understand, so she’ll wear one of ours 🙂

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Kana and myself were going through the massive inventory of props and costumes in her studio collection, and we came across this really sexy Goddess or Witch costume (neither of us could determine what it was, it even looks like a sexy bellydancer’s type of outfit :)). I wanted Kana to try it on, but the skirt was too long for her, it seems to be designed for a tall girl. A friend of mine called Jennie is one of the girls who was willing to audition for Supergirl wrestling, she’s been a tailor and garment repairer in the past, she’d also come along to help sort Kana’s inventory out to see what repairs needed doing, so she popped it on, and what a stunning angel it made her:


I love it when a girl wears a skirt or dress with a slit down one side, showing a naughty bit of leg off, it’s so sensual 😉 I’m not sure if we’ll be using this costume in our Superheroine site yet, but we’ve definitely got a Lara Croft outfit in stock, and it’s pretty hot. It’s actually a good storyline with Lara: She’s good at raiding tombs, she’s fit, powerful, feisty, not easily manipulated. Supergirl lives in a lair, possibly a cave type dwelling, so Lara is the perfect girl to go fish her out, but they both won’t come out clean 🙂 It’s the perfect combination of girls in capes and shorts, guns, and lots of mess. I personally want to see Lara trick Supergirl into a pit full of sticky thick, sweet honey…..

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We thought we’d have a slight change from all the comic heroines on our site, and this time have some mystical/mythical heroines. These girls are going to be the ones hunting down the rogue comic heroines, leading them into traps 🙂

First off we have Lisa as NightBlade, wearing what is actually one of Kana’s naughty outfits, seeing another woman in it is kinda sensual, especially as Lisa has a very big sharp weapon to match the sexy skimpy uniform! :). I’m really lucky Kana’s bi-sexual, a normal straight girl wouldn’t share her naughty stuff with other girls:

Sexy Lisa as NightBlade-001

Sexy Lisa as NightBlade-002

I pity Dark Supergirl if NightBlade catches up with her. My first idea is to make a gunge pit, and lay some turf on the top so it’s camouflaged to the grass around it. NightBlade will lead Dark Supergirl onto it by deception, and, splosh! In she goes! All covered in gunge, unable to fly or run away, so she’ll be unable to get away when NightBlade jumps in with her and wrestles her into gloopy submission. The gunge contains black kryptonite, which is harmful to evil Supergirl just as green Kryptonite is to the good Supergirl. Dark Supergirl then has no choice but to change her ways, as her evil costume is ruined and can never be replaced once destroyed, so she loses her evil powers.

NightBlade MUST make sure the evil costume is destroyed and cannot be repaired, so whilst the two are wrestling she uses her Mage powers to rip it to shreds, leaving Dark Supergirl in just her bikini, all gungy and feeling humiliated because she let herself be so easily trapped!

Then we’ve got Lucie as Death Falcon, a sexy caped heroine that’s a cross between Zelda and Xena Warrior Princess, with a cape thrown in! Take a look at her, and tell me the first thing you really notice about her:

Lucie as Death Falcon-001

Lucie as Death Falcon-002

If you said her eyes, you get 2 points, if you said her legs, you get 4 points, but the bonus correct answer, for 6 points, is her absolutely scrumptious pouty lips, they are delicious, aren’t they? I told her she had lovely lips, her response was, “Thankyou! They are natural too!” Gawd, I love a woman with pout lips, Kana has them 🙂

Anyway, I’m getting carried away :). Death Falcon hates Ultimate Girl and Power Babe, as they constantly try draining human life of power and control, so that they can take over the world. Death Falcon fantasises about trapping them both at once, tying them both up back to back, and throwing pies, cakes and other foodstuff at them, as sugar is harmful to them both and will bring them to a weak nervous state.

These are only prelim pics, but we hope they’ll decide to stay, I love a mythical fantasy female character with a weapon like a blade 🙂

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We have quite a few Supergirls, both good and bad versions, so I wanted you to meet another of our heroines. Here’s Chrissy as Wonder Woman, and what a fine wonder she is too:


This is one of the old fancy dress shop inventory outfits that actually looks fully authentic, it just needs a tiny bit of work to some of the stitching. Doesn’t Chrissy look sexy? What do you think her first heroine wrestle scenario should be? Messy? Clean? In a wrestling ring, or on our gym mat? What heroine should she fight?

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