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When we underclocked Rikku’s ML320, I reported that it started stalling. I took the idle speed down, so that the engine ticks over at 550rpm. It’s a truck engine, a V6, so I thought, “Why not?” It saves fuel.

But now the engine has started stalling at tickover, mainly traffic lights, and annoying Riks, if she forgets to rev slightly. I figured out yesterday what the issue is. It’s not a blocked injector, it’s the ECU (can stand for either Engine Control Unit, Electronic Control Unit, or Engine Computer Unit) shutting the injectors off because it thinks there’s a fault. I took the fuel injection up, along with the air injection, and the problem’s gone away, for now. It’s a six cylinder powerbrick, so one or two injectors can be switched off by the ECU before you notice sluggishness and loss of throttle response, or straight engine cut off. I might have to have the ECU re-mapped, or reset everything and simply buy one of the fuel savers on eBay for her. Being a technically and mechanically minded guy who loves machinery, I thought it’d be a good experiment.

The ML320, is, purely, a beautiful, secure monster. I recommended it to Rikky because of Jill. I know they’re both safe in the event of an accident, god hope it never happens. I’ve had two rollovers in Sprinters (long stories), and I’m still here. She had two ML’s, a silver 270 and a greeny black 320, but sold the 270 last year. She kept the silver one in Prestwich, and the greeny one in Birmingham, so since moving back to Birmingham, she’s not needed the silver one, and sold it to a friend.

I’m not too keen on the new ML’s though, the 2000 shape was nicer. The same I said about the newly designed 2006 Sprinter, but that grew on me. It’s so much curvier than the body Merc had been using from 1995 through 2006. The revamped 2000 Sprinter body was the nicest at the time, with slanted headlamps.

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