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It’s hard work being a superhero, even a pretend one, as Melissa will tell you! I found some more pics of her, this time in action on set, and I can kind of relate to her as an actress. Every time I’ve been to ComicCon I’ve had to do action role play for numerous children at the events, running around in a sweaty bodysuit, trunks, boots and REALLY heavy pleather cape pretending to capture baddies is EXHAUSTING but great fun, especially the time I wrestled the ultimate X-Men goddess Rogue in the sweltering San Diego heat, she really pushed me!

Except Mel probably has to do the same scene over and over again, following several cries of “CUT!” and her cape looks just as heavy as my Superman Returns one, and probably just as expensive!

Melissa-Benoist-SuperMel-on-setShe looks pure Super in the daylight, and shattered! That look says, “Phew, another rescued victim safe with the paramedics!” Let’s just hope not all of them need medical attention! It’s probably her fault they needed an ambulance, she’s just too smokingly beautiful. If only she was REALLY Supergirl….


SuperMel, please rescue me! I wouldn’t mind a kiss of life from you, but have a rest first hun, you look puffed out 🙂 If any of my readers say they don’t want her to fly them home, I’ll eat the lot of you! 🙂



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I found this picture while looking through Kana’s KanaPhotographics shoots for new material, updating the site, and my heart melted. This is what makes a real Superwoman in my eyes. Kana shot this picture at ComicCon three years ago, and there’s a really heartwarming story behind it:

Cute-Superwoman-babysitting-so-adorableThis little girl had got lost from her parents. She found Superwoman, who came to her rescue, and took it upon herself to be responsible for the girl, and proceeded to babysit her, whilst they looked for her parents. Superwoman kept her safe the whole time, even posing for pictures with her. The little girl was really at ease with her hero. They both found the girl’s parents, who rewarded her with £200, which Superwoman then donated to a children’s charity. A real human superheroine!

This is what really makes me wish Superwoman really existed, and ladies like the one here really deserve to wear her costume, she’s a real life superheroine in my eyes. A really big heartfelt “Awwwww” is in order. If I ever see this Super Goddess at a convention in the future I’m taking her to dinner, she deserves a medal, and lives up to her idol’s standards 🙂 I can see that little girl following in her footsteps someday when she’s older, becoming Superwoman at a convention, rescuing a little girl herself.

Awwwww, it’s what real humans are supposed to be like. I idolise Superman, and try to be the same as he would, except  without the superpowers. Looking out for neighbours, rescuing lost kids, looking after women, animals, and helping the elderly. It makes me tick, even out of my costume and cape, it’s what I feel a human should do, look out for fellow humans, even if it means putting yourself in danger 🙂

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Goes by the name Tori. This outfit was acquired from a fancy dress shop, and looks like it was self made by someone, it is pretty cool, but the logo could do with being brightened up a bit, or remade using CAD. The G (for Galactic) is backwards, so we’re not sure if we should make her the BAD Galactic Goddess, or the good one…. You might be forgiven for thinking her costume is very similar to Superwoman. It is, but Galactic Goddess’s job is to protect the outer universe from alien life, whilst Superwoman mainly focuses on life on Earth. If any baddies get past Galactic Goddess and actually get to Earth, Superwoman will deal with them.I’ve actually come up with a partial storyline for a shoot and video that’s quite unique, involving both messy wrestling, catfighting, and the appearance of my lovely friend Hannah in her Rogue outfit.

Galactic Goddess has always liked Superwoman and has fantasized about fighting her, she decides one day to see if Superwoman can be rubbed up the wrong way, and lets a load of Aliens get to Earth by deliberately oversleeping one day. Keep reading past the pics for more:



Superwoman starts to question Galactic Goddess’s skills, gets angry at her for slacking, and sets off outside Earth, through Space, to find her and find out what’s going on and why there’s an influx of aliens getting to Earth. Superwoman finds Galactic Goddess in her space cave, they have a discussion, which inevitably turns into a heated superheroine vs. superheroine argument. They start fighting, and Galactic Goddess lures Superwoman towards a pit in her cave, which has a special gunge substance bubbling away. It is Galactic Goddess’s special bath lotion to protect her skin from Alien rays, but it is harmful to Superwoman. Neither heroine knows this until they end up sploshing and fighting in it, still in uniform. Aliens lose their harmful rays when past the Earth’s atmosphere, so Superwoman doesn’t need to be protected from them. Superwoman suddenly starts weakening, screaming in pain while writhing in agony in the gloop. Rogue (from X-Men, Hannah plays her) is Superwoman’s friend, she hears her ultrasonic screams, and runs at lightning speed to find her.

Rogue immediately goes for Galactic Goddess, pulling her out of the gunge pit by her hair, punching and kicking her unconscious so she can help Superwoman. She kneels by the gunge pit, urging a semi-conscious Superwoman to come to her. Superwoman weakly swims through the gloop, and as Rogue is pulling her out and helping her to one side, Galactic Goddess comes round, and pushes Rogue and Superwoman back in, jumping in with them, Rogue’s sexy skintight green and yellow bodysuit and green boots are resistant to alien lotion gunge, so they both fight it out, slopping around, making a mess of each other’s heroine uniforms, and each other.

Superwoman manages to swim through the gloop to the opposite side while Rogue fights Galactic Goddess, she climbs out, and watches from the side, too weak to help, until she realizes if she takes her uniform off she’d be resistant to Galactic Goddess’s gunge bath lotion. This brings its own problems. Not only does she lose her superpowers, she becomes a normal human woman, in just her swimsuit, with only her normal human fitness to help her, which is nothing compared to her superpowers, but she needs to make sure her uniform will not get stolen, so as Rogue and Galactic Goddess fight it out distracted, she slips behind a big rock in Galactic’s space cave, takes off her Superwoman uniform and boots, and slips it under the rock, left in just her swimsuit. Now her uniform’s off she starts to recover, albeit only to human strength, but she knows she has to do something to help Rogue, her best girlfriend. Time to use human Karate skills, and hope for the best…..

You’ll have to wait for the picset and video to find out what happens, but Kana’s already accepted my script ideas. Keep in mind I’ve only just come up with it since we found the uniform, we have other shoots and videos planned first once our site is fully operational.

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In the form of Alicia, a Supergirl fangirl! She saw Kana’s advertisement for superheroine models over on Cosplay.com, and she’s come to us with her very own Superwoman outfit, she made it all herself, and she looks an absolute angel. If Carlsberg did angelic superheroines, this is what they’d look like:

Alicia as Supergirl

Awwww, isn’t she super sexily, perfectly adorable? She’s all natural, there’s no Photoshopping involved at all, except from us putting the semi-transparent Kana Photographics logo in. If she looks perfect it’s down to Kana’s awesome makeup artist skills :). The shininess of her costume is real, and is so sensual on her. She made it all herself, it’s made of Spandex with a silk like cape. Superwoman looks best with a tight shiny Spandex costume, as it wraps around her delicate womanly curves. Her bootees are simply leg covers, she’s actually wearing high heeled shoes and not boots, with shiny tights underneath to make her cute slender legs shinier 🙂 I love the way she’s done the S diamond emblem’s background piece with gold rather than yellow, along with the gold on the fake skirt belt. The S itself is made of red leather, and looks spot on. There’s a gold S on the back of the cape which you can’t see in the pic.

To finish off, she has contact lenses in, the light from the lightbox reflected off them perfectly, her eyes look like marbles 🙂 Just hope she doesn’t switch the lasers on at you 😉 Sadly, if we do any messy fights with her, she won’t be wearing this outfit, she doesn’t want to ruin it, which we totally understand, so she’ll wear one of ours 🙂

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I went looking on eBay to see if there were any tailors offering any 60’s or 70’s Supergirl costumes for our site as well as the Gumtree one we bought, and I came across this really gorgeous 80’s Superwoman outfit:



This sexy uniform would look absolutely scrumptious on a tall curvy leggy heroine, topped off with a pair of sexy Superwoman boots. It’s only £105 from eBay seller CostumeBuy2009, so costs a heck of a lot less than Kana’s £600 SuperWoman outfit, but still it looks really sexy. Superwoman and Superman’s uniforms never get old, they’re sexy, and my favourite colours.

I’m going to email the seller and see if he’d be willing to make a few of them for us, with all the wrestling and messy fighting our heroines are gonna be doing we’ll need spares 🙂

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As you know, we’re working on replacing some of our older costumes, mainly the old fancy dress shop inventory. We found this amazing 70’s Supergirl costume for sale on Gumtree, and who better to test drive it than our lovely feisty heroine Sarah:


I like this costume a little more than the 80’s one, it’s so much more daring with those sexy tight hotpants! The costume is a leotard style bodysuit, and the hotpants go over the top with the belt. This sexy uniform looks great on a tall leggy lady, I can’t decide whether strappy high heels or knee high boots go best with it, as they’re both equally sexy! Boots are dominant, whereas strappy high heels are sweet, feminine, and make a petite girl taller, or a tall leggy girl even taller!

Kana and myself have thought of a modified version of this outfit that will look awesome! Take the 80’s Classic outfit and replace the skirt with hotpants. The logo on the 70’s one is too small, there is one on the back of the cape, but it’d look better with a big S on the chest. A cross between the 70’s and 80’s outfits will be best of both worlds!

Now for all you wet and messy fans, just imagine Sarah wrestling Ultimate Babe in custard, in this gorgeous uniform, those legs all covered in sweet warm custard….

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I went out walking Nala this evening, and found Supergirl Tina patrolling the perimeter of our property backing onto the lodges! I need to find out where our cute new security guard came from, Kana must have hired her secretly as there were no photoshoots this week…

Maybe she’s just practising or breaking in her uniform for her shoots or something, she sure fits it perfectly well. I was going to quiz her once I’d got back from chasing Nala round the woods, but she’d flown away….

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I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long, and it’s finally happened! Ultra sexy-cute DeviantArt cosplayer *youronlydoll has cosplayed Shaundi from Saints Row 2 to compliment her earlier Shaundi SR The Third pictures! Check her out, she’s a smoking hot hippie chick:

Awww, her lovely curves are BACK and BETTER than ever! She sure does Shaundi justice! I had a massive soft spot for the original hippie Shaundi, and *youronlydoll makes those fantasies real and more erotic than ever! If I had to get into drugs to have a date with her, Loa dust would be worth it!

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Greg sent me a link this morning to the DeviantArt page of *youronlydoll, and more specifically a picture of her cosplaying the new Shaundi from Saints Row: The Third! Check her out, she is absolutely smoking HOT!! Where would geeky guys like me be without equally geeky cosplaying and video game playing chicks??

Awwwww, she’s so hot in those silky pants and tiny tight top! Voluptuous busty girls with hourglass curves like hers look gorgeous in tight midriff tops, and what a gorgeous tight sexy midriff she has! I’d snort Loa dust off her tummy anyday, then lick the rest off 🙂

Boy I hope she does more! I left her a nice encouraging comment on DA (I’m called Tidosho there too, my Superman cosplay debuted there), so be sure to stop by her Gallery and say Hi! I just wish someone would cosplay the old Shaundi from SR2, with dreadlocks, she was so alluringly sexy! The new Shaundi is hot, but is like a regenerated version, and not quite the same sexy Loa dust snorting hippy-chick she once was.

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PARENTAL GUIDANCE: This film is a PORN parody, and is NOT intended for family viewing. The images in this post are not extreme but some do contain sexual intention

Surfing the web I came across this film from Extreme Comixxx. It’s a Supergirl porn parody, with Alanah Rae as Supergirl. I haven’t watched it yet, but the promo pictures on the site blew me away, Alanah and her costume are simply stunning. It features Superman too, played by Andy San Dimas (I think!!) Look at these pics!

I love Alanah as Supergirl, and I also love the Superman costume! I’d swap with this guy anyday, his outfit looks quite a bit sexier than mine, just without the official S emblem like mine has. In this film I think there’s even some girl girl action with Supergirl in her uniform, she’s a superheroine, but also a super-naughty heroine! Check this out:

It brought back a dream I had of Kassie and Mika making love together. Kassie was wearing her new Supergirl outfit that we’re having made for her, I can’t wait for it to be reality!

The promo pics are massive, much bigger than these here on TideLog, here’s the page: http://extremecomixxx.com/SuperGirlPR/

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Kassie sent me this picture of our newest girl to audition for us as a superheroine, from her 3rd studio in London. Tanya just looks so much like a doll, doesn’t she?

I love this costume because it shows the girls’ cute tummies and hourglass curves off just nicely! Tanya isn’t a permanent model yet, this was just her test audition. She knows what she’s in for, and has actually practised wrestling before, just not messy wrestling like she’ll be doing for our site, but she’s a try anything kinda girl! And she loves custard 😉

Awww, she’s so cute, I think her and Shannon better fight it out to see who’s the strongest, because they’re both the cutest! That isn’t even Tanya’s real hair! Nope, it’s a wig! Tanya has lovely black hair! So far we have 4 girls who are with us for definite. We’re not starting the site until next year. In the meantime we’re designing the site internally and doing some test shoots and videos. I’m also going to be Superman in a few shoots, so we’re getting my outfit strengthened up and modified. Kassie, Her Ladyship, is in charge of who my first opponent will be. Probably her, in private, once her outfit is done, from what she’s been telling me, she wants to fight me messily first, as I am her boyfriend, but it won’t be public!

My first public opponent I hope will be Shannon, or Tanya if she stays with us, depends what the scriptwriters come up with for a storyline and if Tanya likes us enough….

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The tailor has sent us a picture of what Kassie’s Supergirl outfit will be like once it is finished! He makes custom fancy dress costumes, but they are very expensive, as they are true to life, very accurate and precision made. Here’s what her outfit will look like, this is another he has made for a girl as petite as Kass:

She is going to look so sweet as Kassie-Zor-El! I’ve always wanted to see her as Supergirl, because to me she is my very own real life Supergirl, and this costume is perfect! She’s only tiny, 160cm tall (5ft 2″), so we had to have one custom made, all our other costumes are for much taller girls. The boots are being made last, and we have a waiting time of 3 months due to the tailor’s backlog, but it’s going to be well worth it.

This outfit is being made to withstand wrestling and getting messy, we told the tailor what our shoots on the new site are going to involve, but it still looks waaayy too cute to get dirty! I hope Shannon goes easy on Kass when she duels her in a gunge match for the first time! It’s the outfit I’m worried about, we all know Kassie can hold her own in wrestling, with her kick-ass Martial skills, so she might fight a little too eagerly!

I’ll just have to let my imagination run wild until the costume is done!

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Here’s another smoking hot Supergirl set from UltraSexyHeroines. This time it’s lovely Jenna Jones looking really hot and fiesty in her uniform:

As always on TideLog, I’ve left the naked and topless ones out, but you can download my siterip torrent from the Pirate Bay, just do a search for UltraSexyHeroines Siterip July 2010. There’s also an update pack of pics from July to December 2010.

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I found her on DeviantArt. Her name is ~B-eckiee, and she has got to be the one that Tetsuya Nomura modelled Vanille from! She is the cutest! Take a look at her!

This is the image of her I’ve chosen to make a TideLog header from, so watch out for her. The headers are random (you could cheat by clicking the header to refresh it!), but I’m sure she’ll light TL up!

Isn’t she a sweetheart! As some of her fans have said, I envy anyone who knows her in real life! She’s an angel!

This next pic really made my heart flutter. If she was looking straight at you like this, how could you resist giving her a cuddle?

The next one is rather small. It would have been better high res, as it shows her gorgeous legs and bod off. If they ever made a film about Final Fantasy 13, she should play Dia!

I can’t seem to find any cosplayers who’ve played Lightning, but if I do, I’ll give them a showcase here on TideLog! We love cosplay babes!

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UltraSexyHeroines is a good site. They have sexy women, in tight shiny spandex superheroine pictures. That is about it. Their customer support is crap, their pictures are at a resolution that was used back in 1980, and the quality is degraded. The webmaster is ignorant, and  blocks comments on the official blog if you complain. Oh, and some of the girls on the site have fake boobies, which I’m not really a fan of.

Bailey is one of those girls. Why she had to go ruin her figure I don’t know. But, those boobies seem to make this shiny seductive costume sooo much sexier, and you end up wanting Bailey to come rescue you, then you can have her exercise her dominant powers on you! Phwoar!! Take a look! I’ve left the topless ones out, remember, TideLog is a clean blog, so sexy goes, but not topless or nude.

I just wish these pictures were proper high res, we’re talking 1920×1200, but the guys who own UltraSexyHeroines and SuperSexyHeroines never listen, even though they claim to. I joined several times, on both sites, but all the SuperSexyHeroines guys seem to be bothered about is doing their comic strip rubbish. They don’t listen, I don’t join, and I share their content on my blog!!

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