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If your car’s engine won’t start, repeated attempts will “flood” the engine. This is the result of too much fuel ending up in the cylinder, and not being burnt. If the engine wouldn’t start before it flooded, it certainly won’t once it is flooded as you’re drowning the glow plug! You will know if it has flooded because when you attempt to pull start it, the pull start will be tight to pull, or not pull at all. If it won’t pull, STOP and DO NOT CARRY ON PULLING, you will damage your engine and pullstarter.

Here’s how to clear a flooded nitro car engine. Remove the cylinder head/heatsink and glow plug using your plug wrench. Cover the cylinder with a CLEAN lint free rag, and pull the starter several times. The fuel will be spurted out of the cylinder into the rag. Do this until no more fuel comes out.

Once you’ve done this it’s a good idea to strip your engine down and clean everything as it’s all been exposed to outside air, as a mechanic I understand how critical a surgically clean cylinder and piston is, any dirt or scratches, goodbye engine! Before restarting your engine you should find out exactly why it wouldn’t start before it flooded. As in my last article, check condition of glow plug, glow starter, fuel lines and all the other critical-to-starting bits. And make sure you’ve primed your engine (making sure that fuel is getting to the engine from the tank, use the priming button if fitted or open and close the tank lid a few times)

And while you’re there. check your engine’s intake air filter. Make sure you’ve soaked it in filter oil (squeeze excess out) after fully cleaning it. The filter oil helps to trap dirt from entering your engine, if you didn’t have the oil, dirt could get sucked through the filter foam

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