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Today was an experience I’ll never forget! We went up to Runcorn at 2pm. I was wearing Hopwood’s red Adidas branded kit today, as it was a proper match, so I had to wear the same colours as the girls. The pitch was huge! It’s a full size pitch used by amateur teams in full matches, and was something else! Stood at one end of the pitch looking towards the other, the field seemed to go for miles! The changing rooms were really big (that *might* have been because I had one to myself, as usual! The girls were in their own!) and a lot more luxurious than the ones at the public pitch in Birmingham.

I got to meet the other ladies team, who called themselves the Warrington Wasps, wearing a yellow kit, with black shoulder strips, like a wasp, coincidentally! What a team of cuties! There’s a cute babe on the Wasps team called Antonia, she’s got to be the cutest petite footie babe I’ve EVER seen! 5ft 1′ tall, brown hair, blue eyes and lovely tanned legs! Sorry Lisa, you’ve got competition, and she might sting you babe!

I was going to be scared as soon as I saw this team of ladies in their vicious looking waspy kit, but they were really friendly, and seemed to like the fact I was the only guy in the whole match. The Hopwood babes and myself went and had an hour’s training and warmup with Rikku, while the Wasps had theirs with their Captain, who, like Rikku, was a gorgeous redhead, but from Ireland! Wow,  Canadian AND Irish redhead babes are so sexy, and the Irish accent is something else on a woman….

Rikku was referee on this match, and was wearing a blue kit, looking really cute! Her red hair goes well with any colour! I’m so glad she went red! The match was really good! Disappointingly the pitch actually wore me out too easily, because it was so big. Pitch condition was excellent, as proper pitches are well looked after. Our pitch in Birmingham is on a hill, at the bottom, and always gets really messy after heavy rain. I was slightly disappointed, as I did have to use more energy running up and down the pitch, and thought I might have had a bit more stamina. I’m not really a fast runner, but am quite powerful. Like a bus, power not speed! Rikku pulled me over and told me not to go for it too much, that the girls would give me chance. They did, and must have sensed that I was the trainee, because all of a sudden the game seemed to slow down, and I didn’t feel so worn out once I took it easy. It might have just been me overanticipating things, and getting overwhelmed.

Strangely, we seemed to swap goals after half time, and I hadn’t realised, until Rikku was running alongside me waving her arms, shouting for me to go the other way, which baffled me, as no-one had told me, and they don’t usually do this tactic in football! That error aside (I blamed myself and Rikku for not telling me) everything was great! We won 1-0, and at the end of the game when the final whistle blew, it didn’t feel like it’d been 90 minutes.

After today, if I don’t lose a stone in weight, I’ll be surprised. I must have run about 20 miles in total during today’s game, it feels like it, and it certainly will tomorrow! My legs are going to kill! The Warrington Wasps are a great team of hot footie chicks, they’re actually just a new social team, but were bloody brilliant, I enjoyed the game with them today! I actually told them I’d like to do it again, and I think there’s a few think I’m cute! Aww, shucks!!

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No football today, Rikku was busy with work, she had to go sort insurance on 3 of her buses, and do 3 dropoffs and pickups. It seems my big match in a full size pitch is lingering. I don’t know whether to be scared being the only bloke in two women’s teams, or excited, I’ve seen how vicious these cutesy lady footie babes can be first hand, when Riky was running Woodhill, she was playing against a team from Cheshire, and they were vicious dirty chicks! Wahey!

Anyway, she says we’re definitely doing it next week, so I think I’ll just be excited for now, and then scared when the time comes I guess.

Jenny’s peed off, and it’s my fault (she doesn’t know it. I’m lodging with her a few days a week every other week, and if I do, she’ll kick me out!). She’s had a letter from Sky saying she’s gone over her Monthly Allowance, that resulted in a big gulp from me. Apparently its a 2GB a month (WHAAATTT?!? Murdoch, you moneygrabbing old fart!) and she’s “well over” that limit.

Woops. Jen, babe, I forgot to tell you. And it’s my server that’s eaten it. Probably about 45GB. Ow. I think I’m about to lose my sexy college friend who I’ve known for years. And my head to go with it. Followed by the rest of me. Into landfill. Because, if those Warrington footie chicks can get their claws into opponents, I’m about to see what a really pissed off Stockport bred babe is capable of.


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I could never have imagined how hard today was going to be! In our one-to-one training hour Rikku had me doing everything we learned in all sessions, all in one go, from heading the ball through to goalie stuff, and it’s been hard work!

The match was really intensive, even the girls on my side were working me hard. I’ve never worked this hard, even in the bedroom with Kassie and Mika, and they’re quite demanding ladies 😉 Boy am I glad I didn’t have another rugby match earlier in the week, I would never have managed it! As Rikky mentioned afterwards, I’d got too used to the girls being gentle in the training, so that when it came for them to step on the gas, I wasn’t really ready! But, as she said after, that was how she intended it. If I’d been expecting it, it would’ve been too easy! Phew, women, eh? 🙂

I didn’t realise until I thought afterwards that I hadn’t had time to admire the team running around looking cute, I was working so hard! Next week is going to be hard, I can feel it, so Tuesday is going to be interesting. I don’t know any of Riky’s social friends team, or how they play.

Playing next Sunday’s match in a full football stadium is going to be a real experience, that is something I’ve never done. So is knowing who the other girls team are going to be, because according to Rikky, they are pretty good at what they do, and it’s a full on match, not a training session…..

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Footie on a Sunday, and it’s sunny, cloudless, and not sloppy and muddy! I’ve never had conditions like this since I started training before Christmas! I’ve always had to battle through a wet/muddy pitch in some way, so this should see how I perform on normal pitch conditions.

Next week, though, is my final training session with Rikku and her Hopwood team. It’s going to be a full match, with me, and Hopwood, against another team, on a full size football pitch, up in Runcorn somewhere, so I guess today’s going to be Rikky gearing me up for it. She wants me to have a test match on Tuesday with her other social friends team against Hopwood. She has a group of friends she plays footie with now and again, and they seem quite competitive.

That should be quite fun! Me, being the only guy, with two teams of hot footie babes! If there’s something every guy should try, this is it! You think women aren’t suited to football? Think again! They’re the cutest, sexiest, friendliest, yet competitive footie players you can have, and you can get turned on watching them play, in full kit 🙂 Yeehaw!!

Rikku’s leaving Hopwood in May, as I mentioned, the team Captain is coming back from maternity leave, and Rikku’s only filling in for her. Where we’ll go after this, I’m not sure, but I know for a fact she wants to DEFINITELY manage her own amateur team again….

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Yesterday was good! I got changed into my kit at Jenny’s this time, before setting off for Manchester on the bus and tram. I was deliberately doing a Rikku trick, showing off to the ladies on my journey, and got quite a few admiring glances from some very cute ladies! If you were one of the girls on the 471 going to Bury and Rochdale yesterday, the lad in the sky blue and navy silk football kit was me!

I’ve had a go on one of the new trams, and they’re sooo quiet! I’m not sure of the colour scheme though, bright yellow? I suppose Serco Stagecoach don’t know about inconspicuous? Or is it so the drunks can actually SEE the tram when they’re pissed so they don’t end up railkill? 🙂 Trams are boring, quiet, and electric. Buses all the way! Noisy, powerful growlers that let you know they’re working hard!

I got to Manchester, and there was cute ol’ Rikky herself, waiting for me at the tram stop looking as cute as can be in her football kit, her lovely long red hair flowing sexily over her shoulders, gleaming in the sunlight, big hazel eyes looking at me in their usual aren’t-I-cute? look. Woops, got carried away there…..! I could write a book about her, spend a lifetime writing it, and never finish, we’ve got so much history. I just love her with red hair, I’ve always been used to the brunette Rikky look for the past 7 years, with her hair black occasionally. Cue more blokes and ladies (women at me and blokes at Riky!) giving us the “ooooh!”  and “phwoar!” looks as we got to her Merc, and drove to Birmingham. I should wear my footie kit permanently, I’ve never had so much female attention!

The training and match was good, the pitch was squelchy but not sloppy like my rugby match on Friday. The other girls hadn’t seen Rik with her hair red (the name for it is Radiant Red, according to her, but she looks more Ravishing!), so they were taken aback when they finally realised it was her!

Rikky and I spent our usual hour in one to one training, this time she was teaching me heading techniques, and chest control. I’m just glad she wears a padded bra and protective inserts, the speed at which she chested some of my shots would have hurt her puppies 🙁

The match was a bit more competitive than I’m used to. I think Rikky’s upped the ante a little, to see where my current limits are. She was against my side, and tackled me a lot faster and harder. I fell and slid a lot more! All in all I didn’t do so well this week, mainly due to me still aching from my frantic rugby match on Friday!

Note to self: Don’t do too much sport in a 3 day period, as a training player. It doesn’t work! If I was a pro, maybe!

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