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Now’s my chance to show you all my new boots in high quality, before I use them in the match in a few days, because they’re likely to never look as good again as they do now, once they’ve been covered in sloppy mud, and scuffed by the ball, and the feet of the other players several times.

Take a look. They are really nice boots, and I can’t wait to see how good they are for ball control, and wowing the lady players! Click on the image to see full 1600×1200 quality, this is only a thumbnail!

Looking at them, they’re doing the same as my Gilbert rugby boots did, “Let’s get out there, show em who’s boss!”, yet once I’ve used them, and they’re all muddy, I kinda miss the shine of the newness, because it never is the same once you’ve worn them on the pitch. Look at them! Size 11 massive tough monsters! Yet they’re very very lightweight compared to my Gilbert rugby boots, and in rugby you don’t use your feet as much as soccer!

I can see an advantage to the size of my feet. Ball control. The ladies in Rikky’s team only have small feet, I’m not sure if any of them have feet this big.

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Here you are, ladies, how about me for a sexy footballer? As promised, to Lisa, Woodhill LFC’s captain, and any other ladies partial to cute guys in full football kit, I’ve got my kit on for you! Taking pics of it on coathangers didn’t do it justice, so I put it on :). Including my shinpads and sexy new boots (complete with studs!). I hope you all appreciate I nearly broke my neck coming downstairs for Jenny to take this picture! I put my boots on upstairs, instead of thinking to put them on downstairs, I wanted Jenny to see me in full kit, and see if I could pull the act of stairwalking in studs off at the same time!

Jenny said I look cute, and I don’t think I look so bad, either! You can even see my Joma shinpads through my socks, because of the flash! I love this kit, based on my old school colours. I used to love my old kit. They don’t use this shirt anymore, but a boring nylon reversible one with a garish stripe across the shoulders to the thigh, so I had this one designed on the old shirt, even down to the silky texture. It all brings back memories of my school PE lessons, and those muddy rugby lessons with the girls rugby team. I never stayed this clean for long, that’s for sure!

Where’s my rugby ball? 😉

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My new football boots arrived yesterday, and they are gorgeous! I’m not sure if I want to wear them on Sunday now! They look too sexy to get muddy! I picked the rest of my kit up yesterday, my shirt, shorts and socks. Here’s a picture of my full kit:

It’s only a phone camera pic, it’s all I had handy! I’ll take a few pics with my Nikon Coolpix E5200 next week, this doesn’t do the kit justice.

And, here, are the best looking football boots I have ever owned:


Aren’t they sexy? I tried it all on, and what a sexy footballer! The ladies will love me in my new kit! I can’t wait to show them! The shirt’s a lovely silky texture, with a fluff lining on the inside, so it should be nice and warm. The shinpads are nice and comfy, and don’t make my shins sweat (at least lazing around in my kit they didn’t!). I’m running my new boots in before Sunday’s match, I’ve unscrewed the studs, and will wear them around the house as makeshift trainers to get any stiffness out. If they hurt me during the match, it’ll impede my performance. They squeak a lot too because they’re new, and I don’t really want to squeak while playing, lol!

Where’s the WD-40?

I’m going to ask Jenny to take some pictures of me, and I might even let her and Rikku try my kit on! That’s quite a nice idea, before, then after the match pictures…

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Today I went down to Rochdale from Birmingham to meet Steve, my future business partner, to discuss, well, business. I went on the train, so we could have some bevvies down the pub. I only originally intended to be an hour or so, but ended up being there over three! I got there at 1pm, and left at 4.15, got to Rochdale bus station to get the 471 down to the train station (I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way up Drake Street).

The train was packed! It was a short journey though, just under an hour and a half. When I got back to Birmingham, I noticed one of Matsuki Transport’s buses, empty, outside the train station, so jumped in and waited in the cab for the driver to get back, who, it turned out, was Rikku herself, which was a nice treat, as it’s always a pleasure to see her cheeky smile and big hazel eyes. She’d covered for another driver, and popped into the station to grab a coffee, which she shared with me, which was sweet! We discussed footie as (I) drove us back to the depot, and it’s looking slim that we’re even going to have a match this weekend, as it’s been colder in Birmingham than anywhere else.

She’s got team training tonight, in fact, she’ll be there by the time I’m writing this, so I’ll await a report on the likelihood. Showing off my sexy new boots might have to wait until after Christmas. She wants me to have a proper competitive match in the New Year, rather than just mess abouts on a Sunday, so she’ll still give me the three week’s training I need before she sends me out there.

Speaking of footie, my new Joma shinpads were waiting for me when I got home, and so was Her (most beautiful) Ladyship to give me a cuddle. These shinpads are gorgeous, they’re a mirror effect with blue in the middle:


It’s a shame my footie socks will cover them while I’m playing, as they’re cute! I had to buy some new ones, as I had a nasty collision with one of the ladies a couple of weeks ago, the ones I was using of Rikky’s team were well used, and one shinpad split, so these are my new ones! I never use damaged protective equipment, be it PPE for work, or sport. It’s safer to replace.

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Following my choice between two new pairs of football boots, I couldn’t resist the sexy electric blue Nike Pace Vapour ones. These are such a sexy colour, I think the ladies in Riksy’s team will like them!


They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? The girls’ll be following a blue blur from now on! The other sky blue ones weren’t available in my size 11, so these were my choice. They’re good for soft ground, too, when it’s soft, muddy, or swampy! Icy, I’m not sure, but we’ll find out!

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