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I went to Berkshire over the weekend to watch our site superheroine Shannon’s sister Suzy play rugby with her college girls team. I have never watched as sexy or as muddy a match like this ever since playing rugby against my high school girls team! The pitch they played on was a complete mess even before they started, thanks to another girls football team making it nice and messy for them! It has rained quite a lot up there over the past few weeks, and it showed!

Just before the match, all nice and almost clean, just a bit of mud from their warm up:

20111115-020734 AM.jpg

Then the match gets under way. Things get dirty really quick, these girls don’t mess about. Straight away I wished I could have my kit handy so I could join them and show the other side who’s boss! One of Suzy’s teammates gets tackled, and down she goes:

Another tackle comes shortly after by the other side. The pitch was getting worse by the minute, and made things difficult for both sides. It was barely recognisable as a field, and resembled the mudbath I played Swamp Soccer on two years ago! This next pic was taken by Kassie who was standing over the other side:

I’m surprised the college didn’t get into trouble, this was a public field owned by a council, hence the temporary benching set up for specatators. I suppose they must have had permission to have a ladies team and a rugby team play after one another. I don’t envy the job of whoever has to re-lay or re seed the grass!

Half time came up, Suzy’s side were losing, here she is on the left with a team-mate, both looking sexy as hell all muddy but very dejected:

Second half came, and things got revved up, even muddier and much more determined by Suzy’s side. I also took a lot more photos! Suzy’s team REALLY didn’t wanna let go of the ball. Caption for the next pic, “Gimme the ball NOW!” “No way, we’re winning this match, you’re gonna have to pry it from my cold muddy hands!!”

The girl tackling must have been the only girl by that time with clean legs apart from the substitute girls waiting by the sidelines! The next pic is one of my favourite action ones of this match, showing Suzy’s best friend Ruby making a run for it with the ball, running the muddy gauntlet like a sexy muddy rugby goddess:

Soon things picked up a little more, Suzy’s team were winning after scoring a couple of tries, here’s Suzy running alongside Phoebe giving her backup. I remember being in formation playing rugby at school, you’d all run alongside each other in a line and throw the ball to each other to stop the other side getting it:

Look at all those cute clean ladies on the sidelines. If I’d have been playing I’d have called them all on the pitch to go all out against the other side, getting nice and dirty. Next up, Phoebe was downed (you can just see her in the bottom left), so Ruby was on hand to come in formation with Suzy after getting the ball:

Then Suzy later had the ball and ran the gauntlet, looking as hot as a sexy muddy 20 year old adrenaline charged rugby chick can, which is quite a lot in my book:

I knew by this point they were going to win. Everyone was egging them on, Kassie and myself included, and Shannon, Suzy’s sister was with us (not in her Supergirl outfit though), and all the shouting seemed to encouraage them even more, as here’s one of the girls, Sandra, really going for it to get past an opponent:

Then, sadly, she was tackled, right into the mud, but kept hold of the ball, looking round for someone to chuck it to, and that person came in the form of Suzy, all in the next two pictures:

Suze then made a big run for it, and boy did she go for it, like her and her team’s life depended on it. I’ve never seen so much determination and stamina!

She lobbed the ball to Sandra, who was wide open. Sandy then proceeded to run like hell, and score the final touchdown, winning the match for the team!

The triumphant team, after the match, looking happy but muddy and tired! A game well worth it, for the team and the spectators. Kassie even had her eye on the cute Asian girl player at the front 🙂

Wow. I have never witnessed an all-girl rugby match as fiesty, muddy, and adrenaline charged as this one. You’ve gotta be there to appreciate the sexiness and power of strong girls playing rugby. You can even play against them and feel the power directly. If you like sporty girls who are not wimps, then girls rugby is for you.

Football is for wimps, rugby is for real men, and real women, as it is a competitive contact sport. You can’t be scared of getting dirty or injured. Next stop on my list of 50 things to do before I die is to play a game like this with a women’s rugby team, down and dirty. I’ve played as the only guy in a women’s football team, now to do it in rugby! The boys against the girls rugby matches at school just weren’t the same as this. This is all-girl, hot, dirty and ferocious action, the pictures don’t really do justice.

To sum girls rugby up in one or two words? Scrum-ptious!

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