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After a slightly longer hiatus than normal due to mine & Kana’s work lives getting busier, the superheroine site also took a break. Today though we had a bit of messy roleplay fun together! Kana decided to transform into Kana Zor-El for me, swooping around the house, she does it a lot as she knows I really like her as my own personal superheroine, with her fitness and sexy physique, the Supergirl costume makes the fantasy even more real, especially when she shows off her Martial Arts skills, as a sexy caped-and-booted superheroine it’s much more erotic to me. Except today, Ms Zor-El was in she-devil mode, and didn’t want to allow me to touch her, as she knows she really turns me on in costume, you know what that leads to 😉 She kept swooping away from me every time I tried embracing her, the cheeky minx! I could never catch her!

I didn’t drive all those miles the early hours of this morning, to see my sexy superheroine, only to have her rebel against me! So, I decided to be Kana Zor-El’s enemy, instead of her Superman, and concocted a rather messy trap plan with Mika. I told her that Mika needed her in the spa room, once we trapped her, Mika embraced her, got her down on the floor, kissed her a few times, and then suddenly began covering her in KryptoGunge! SuperKana soon weakened up, and couldn’t swoop off, lying there writhing on the floor in (pretend) agony, covered in debilitating green goo!

Look at her trying to resist it! Her costume and cape’s all gooey so she ain’t getting away! Mwahahaha! I finally got SuperKana in front of the camera, begging us not to humiliate her! She’s so cute when in gooey Krypto-peril! She’s a really good actress and played the part well 🙂

She’d hidden my Superman costume, too, so this was perfect payback to get her to tell me where she’d hidden it (I couldn’t rescue her until I was in it!), and I could be her enemy until she did! It reminded me of the scene from the 1984 Supergirl film where Helen Slater falls into the pit of blue gunge after being lured to the Phantom Zone, and gets weaker and weaker trying to escape as she has no superpowers there. It was the best part!

I’m tempted to fill our outdoor pond and have SuperKana re-enact that in our tasty green goo! To stick to the family friendly nature of TideLog, let’s just say what happened next was very messy, naughty and energetic (I “rescued” her but she had to love-wrestle me first to get me back for trapping her!), but the WAM fans in us loved it! That is what roleplay love is all about!

Don’t worry, our KryptoGunge doesn’t ruin the sexy costumes, it’s actually edible, but I’m not giving the recipe! It isn’t washing up liquid, that foams up too quick even without contact with water. It was all good pretend messy tasty fun. No superheroes, superheroines or their costumes were hurt 🙂 You need to be careful what you use for things like this, as the colours of the costume can be affected by certain substances. Kana and I have really expensive Supergirl/Superman costumes for conventions, which are replicas of film/comic ones, and then we have the cheaper ones for our WAM and private sexual play which don’t really matter as they can be replaced if damaged.

Kana’s back on the seasonal Martial Arts school shifts this month until August, to keep her superhuman strength in check 🙂 We’re working on some new content too, and not all clean as it has been previously, but a bit messier than SuperKana above 🙂

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We shot these pictures last year as a test for our heroine site. Kate wore my expensive replica Classic Superman costume, and Shabina wore our Power Girl costume. This Superman outfit is my best one, it cost close to £400 to have made, I don’t wear it when relaxing, or in the bedroom for the girls ;). I only wear it to costume competitions and conventions, and I must say Kate looks sexier in it and my Superman boots than I do, she sure sexified it for me! It feels sexier when I wear it knowing it has been wrapped round her warm curves 😉

Kate’s gorgeous, isn’t she? She loves Superman and Superwoman, so when I asked her if she’d like to try my super-sexy-expensive Superman exhibition outfit on, she couldn’t say no! I won’t let anyone else try the Superman costume that Kana made for me, as that’s sentimental, and for mine, Kana and Mika’s extra curricular use only, private conventions 😉

Who says a woman can’t wear a Superman outfit and not look drop dead sexy in it? Wait till you see Kate as Superwoman and Shabina as Dark Superwoman wrestling it out in the studio! I can’t find the preliminary set, but I will…..


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It’s a comic and cosplay convention held every July. I was scheduled to be going as Superman with Kana in her new Superwoman outfit, but she has an important emergency business meeting and she doesn’t know how long she’ll be. It’s a shame as her Superwoman outfit is just like Helen Slater’s, so I know she’d probably steal the show with her looks and martial skills, she certainly makes a hot Superwoman in the bedroom in private 😉 I told her to wear it under her business suit, come along when she’s finished, strip out of her business suit and fly in to the building in style, but I think she’s really shy, she can be sometimes, bless her 🙂

Instead I’m going along with Hannah, she’s going in her X-Men Rogue costume! I managed to get in contact with her and she still has her outfit and jumped at the offer to come along! I’m going in my Spiderman costume, the really expensive padded one, not my chillout Spandex one, so it should be a fun (and sweaty) day!

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Here’s one from me for the ladies, for a change. This is my latest Superman outfit, made by Her Ladyship, and what a costume! I’ve never felt so naughty and sexy in an outfit ever! It’s made of Spandex, with trunks and a velvet cape. It’s quite tight, and seems to show my curves off quite well (and somewhat hides my mini beer gut!) Kassie made it for me last year, it took her almost a full year to get it right, and she loves it!

The only changes she needs to do is add a crotch zipper, and change the S emblem. She made it herself, but was only temporary, while she obtains a plastic one, that you see on expensive Superman costumes. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get one while she’s in Japan this year. Shame I’ve got to wait that long, she’s making a Supergirl one for Mika, and Wonderwoman costume for herself! My two superheroines in distress (they won’t be when I rescue them!)

How can you resist this Superman?

These were taken by Jenny, and I was feeling very naughty, and I think she was too, she became even flirtier than her usual self! She asked me to keep it on for a couple of hours! As soon as the costume goes on, i’m a different guy. Sexy, in control, powerful, and very protective of damsels in distress!

Wait till you see my other outfits! I’ve got:

  • Batman
  • Robin
  • Spiderman
  • Red and Blue Power Ranger
  • My Tidus Final Fantasy outfit, with Tidus’s spiky wig (my hair doesn’t look quite as good as his spiky!)
  • The costume of the guy from Chaos Legion (I forget his name), with red spiky hair wig
  • Chris’s S.T.A.R’s cop outfit from Resident Evil

I’m quite an adventurous guy, and love dressing up, especially for Her Ladyship & Mika at bedtime! I used to have a Thunderbird’s outfit as a kid, but couldn’t imagine myself wearing THAT again! Not grown up, anyway!

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