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I finally found them amongst a 3 year old backup! I loved this costume! It wasn’t mine, but belonged to Tina, a lady friend of mine. Her son loves Power Rangers, so she bought this outfit custom made, dressed up as Red Ranger, and surprised her son on his birthday at his Power Rangers themed birthday!

It’s made up of several pieces, all bespoke and custom made, which include:

1. Padded white bodysuit, to pad you out a bit and makes you look muscly!

2. The main Spandex full body bodysuit, which covered feet, arms and stopped at the neck

3. The amazing helmet, which is made of fibreglass, with plastic see through visor (you can see out but not in!) plus the separate boots and gloves, followed by the belt.

It was so amazing to wear! I felt as sexy wearing this as I do my Superman costume, except this costume is very very warm and sweaty if you’re doing Power Rangers action role play in it! Here I am wearing it for an event I think was in Edinburgh, I don’t remeber exactly it was a while ago:

The second pic is of me chilling in it after gulping down a much needed cup of water! That helmet and undersuit padding were very warm, it was a warm day, and there were lots of hot cosplay chicks around, some paying me a lot more attention than normal because I was dressed up!

See the padding round my neck? That was all over my body. I had to go commando under the whole outfit, added clothes and underwear would have sweated me even more!! It made me look all macho and manly… My muscles are naturally better now, but they weren’t as defined then! I haven’t seen Tina in a while, and don’t even know if she wears or even has it anymore (Power Ranger Chicks FTW!!), but that was one of the best experiences of my life!

Thanks, Tina! xx

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