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I’m not letting this get the best of me. Kassie isn’t here, and she’s my BIOS editor, so I’ve decided to fire up her copy of  Phoenix BIOS Editor (not a free program, Kassie is a BIOS developer), and give editing the hex registers a go, to enable both VT-x, and AHCI, because I think it’s set to Compatibility like on Vaios.

Isn’t the splash screen kinda cute?

Now I just need the ROM of my BIOS, and can’t find a dumper that dumps in .ROM format. The good thing is, Her Ladyship has an emulator that I can test the ROM on before flashing. Because, if I screw up live, it’s a “desolder-BIOS-chip-insert-into-willem-programmer-reflash-then-resolder” dance, which reminds me of the good old “configure, make, install” dance under Linux!

I guess I’ll wait until Novatech send me that “update”, and extract the ROM from that..

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Hello everyone!

For those who have been emailing us about KasLog, i am writing to confirm that KasLog is indeed down. Kassie has been upgrading the Dell PowerEdge server it runs on with a new version of Linux, and has had to take KasLog offline for a while, as this new version of Linux doesn’t seem to like Apache or MySQL Server much.

I’ll get her to post here on my blog, to let you all know in detail what’s happening, she’s an expert with Linux, and i’m not, unfortunately!


Tidus & Kassie xx

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Kas has finished developing KasSoft’s Phone Book. It is programmed in VB, and uses a database and professional XP style wizards to help you add contacts. You can create individual login accounts, so you and your friends or family can store your own contacts in your own databases.

I’ll post a link up soon.

Tide & Kas (KasSoft Management)

 Update 29/11/05. To download KasSoft’s Phone Book, click HERE. It is about 8MB, so a broadband connection is recommended

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