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Greg sent me a link this morning to the DeviantArt page of *youronlydoll, and more specifically a picture of her cosplaying the new Shaundi from Saints Row: The Third! Check her out, she is absolutely smoking HOT!! Where would geeky guys like me be without equally geeky cosplaying and video game playing chicks??

Awwwww, she’s so hot in those silky pants and tiny tight top! Voluptuous busty girls with hourglass curves like hers look gorgeous in tight midriff tops, and what a gorgeous tight sexy midriff she has! I’d snort Loa dust off her tummy anyday, then lick the rest off 🙂

Boy I hope she does more! I left her a nice encouraging comment on DA (I’m called Tidosho there too, my Superman cosplay debuted there), so be sure to stop by her Gallery and say Hi! I just wish someone would cosplay the old Shaundi from SR2, with dreadlocks, she was so alluringly sexy! The new Shaundi is hot, but is like a regenerated version, and not quite the same sexy Loa dust snorting hippy-chick she once was.

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I found her on DeviantArt. Her name is ~B-eckiee, and she has got to be the one that Tetsuya Nomura modelled Vanille from! She is the cutest! Take a look at her!

This is the image of her I’ve chosen to make a TideLog header from, so watch out for her. The headers are random (you could cheat by clicking the header to refresh it!), but I’m sure she’ll light TL up!

Isn’t she a sweetheart! As some of her fans have said, I envy anyone who knows her in real life! She’s an angel!

This next pic really made my heart flutter. If she was looking straight at you like this, how could you resist giving her a cuddle?

The next one is rather small. It would have been better high res, as it shows her gorgeous legs and bod off. If they ever made a film about Final Fantasy 13, she should play Dia!

I can’t seem to find any cosplayers who’ve played Lightning, but if I do, I’ll give them a showcase here on TideLog! We love cosplay babes!

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Usually, when I see a videogame babe, I know she’s not real. Vanille, on the other hand, she looks real, yet she doesn’t.
One of those absolutely gorgeous, sexy, sweet, want-her-as-my-wife, want-to-make-sweet-love-to-her-every-night kinda girls. This was one of those very rare moments when I was under the impression she WAS real.

At first I thought, what a gorgeous cosplay babe!

Game babes are often the most perfect girls in the world, yet not real. One phrase came to mind, and that was, “Awwww, what a sweetheart!”

Take a look. Then dream. And drool. And whatever else…..

Beautiful, mystical, gorgeous Vanille!

What a perfect babe! I didn’t know computer software or processing power, even a load of Core i7 Nehalems, was capable of this….. I’ve now created a blog header of her, so look out for her beautiful smile. She is so…. perfect!

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