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It doesn’t make sense to me, but now I’m making losses on auctions because of these stupid charges they impose. For example, here’s a breakdown on the Mac I sold:

Apple PowerBook G4 1.5GHz

Sold for £180 + £20 shipping  = £200

eBay listing fee = £2.99

eBay Final Value Fee = £18.00

PayPal fee = £7

Postage fee: £21.65

Total fees = £200 – £2.99 – £18.00 – £7 – £21.65 = £150.036

Which takes their total fee to £27.99.

My money was on hold while I shipped it, I had to fund that from other sources as they hold the full lot, instead of releasing the postage money to you. That means I’ve only made £50 on the sale, which makes me feel a bit ripped off. Even though the laptop was damaged, I wish I had sold it for more now.

An Insertion Fee, I can understand, as you’re using their services to list your item. But to then have to give THEM extra money for selling YOUR item, that YOU paid for is ridiculous. When I sell Ami for £300, the FV Fee will be more than this Mac was, so I’m risking having to counter it by making the price higher, which can result in a non-sale.

It’s like when they FORCE you to give Free P&P in certain categories. It COSTS MONEY, eBay, packaging and stamps aren’t FREE! That was supposed to stop excessive postage, but now people are just adding bits on to Buy It Now prices, and reserves, to counter it. I was all for defending eBay and PayPal when I was only buying stuff, now I can see the OTHER side of it. And why eBay blocked the use of Google Checkout (just after eBay co-incidentally bought PayPal)

eBid, and eBuyer, I might be swinging to you!

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I hate capitalism, especially on the Internet. One company does something, and a million follow suit! Here I’m talking about Rapidshare. They were the first in on this internet file distribution thing….now there’s millions of the darn things! I join a forum, and files are shared across MegaUpload, FileFactory, Hotfile…. and ALL of them impose stupid restrictions on you so you’ll get fed up and go Premium. It only used to be Rapidshare.com and Rapidshare.de (Rapidshare AG claim they’re both separate… not so! They still insist it, too!)

The restrictive side isn’t so bad. It’s when they start changing the CAPTCHA stuff that annoys the hell outta me. One minute they make you wait 30 seconds, the next you’ve gotta wait 30 seconds and then decipher some weird Captcha with colour noise, and then the next, they claim, (all servers are full, too many people are downloading. Wait 2 mins and try again. (Please note the server isn’t going to check). What??? This is Rapidshare.com’s current method, and it baffles me. Even after this you’re now stuck in the same loop, over and over again, until you buy Premium, or give up and go seek a Torrent out! The server isn’t full at all, they’re just annoying you to crack open your wallet, because those pictures of Akane Soma are supposedly (Ultra Rare!) as a forum has led you to believe. Some even make you wait 700 seconds between downloads, even though you waited 20 mins already (ahem, FileFactory, I’m lookin’ atchoo!!)

Wow. Why can’t FTP or standard HTTP be used, like it used to? Moneygrabbers! My lil lady Kasumi’s 120MB line and 3 Core i7 servers are probably more powerful than Rapidshare’s whole network, and she runs a FREE file hosting service for her hosting company customers!

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Jordan (aka Katie Price), makes me sick. What is it with the big fake boobed, no brained attention seeking plastic bimbo? She thinks she’s the queen, and as soon as the only bloke who will ever pay her any attention (Andre) dumps her, she plays the innocent wimpy slag that she is, and blames him? “He is boring, i’m now in love with another man”

Give me a break, Jordan, or Katie, as you insist everyone calls you. You’re plastic, fake, thick, and a big wuss to boot. Any woman who needs her boobs the size of Richard Branson’s Virgin baloons to get attention needs to go and jump off a cliff, because as soon as us guys look at you, you cry, “Pervert!” Now he’s realised there are REAL women made of FLESH with bigger REAL boobs than you, he’s woken up, and to be honest, i don’t blame the bloke. I might start respecting him, even though I think he’s a sad pipsqueak.

Sad pathetic BINT! Any woman who can’t age naturally, or be happy with her body the way God intended, and looks to YOU for idolisation must be totally brain dead, like yourself. Even Barbie turns me on more than you, at least her boobs are natural!

Jordan looks like a melted reject from an injection moulding factory! Big natural boobs are possible (Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh!)

Jordan (Katie), that proves how jealous you are of natural beauties, because they are what you will NEVER be. Smart, gorgeous, big boobed, and kind.

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I’ve bought a rather nice screensaver, and i’m going to share it with everyone. It’s called Marine Aquarium 3, and it is the nicest, most relaxing fish screensaver i have ever seen. If you like fish, you’ll love this. It’s like having a living tropical aquarium in your computer, only the fish don’t need feeding, or the tank cleaning out (I’ve done it, and it isn’t a nice job!), the computer looks after the digital fish for you. There are lots of fish to choose from, including:

  • Clown Fish (Nemo, anyone?)
  • Queen Angelfish
  • Flame Angelfish
  • Addis Butterfly fish
  • Regal Tang
  • Starfish

And lots more! There are lots of customization options, you can make it behave exactly how you want, you can even change the logo in the aquarium!

Once installed, use this serial to register it: TGWLE25RMSNNC567SJAM otherwise it will be evaluation only.

Aquarium screensaver

Aquarium screensaver

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A lot has gone on in the few months i’ve not posted. I’ve built Lucy, and nursed a Core 2 Duo Fujitsu Siemens Li 1818 back to life. I’ve decided to give TL an overhaul, and use my much improved Photoshop skills to redesign a new Dead or Alive theme and header for it. I’ve been working with my friend Rikku in Birmingham, she started a private bus company 2 years ago, and I’m her advisor/mechanic, and for any bus enthusiasts out there, have decided to post service information for Wrightbus, Plaxton and Alexander bus bodies, and service info for Mercedes, Volvo, and Scania buses/coaches. We’ve been running 2 Volvo B7RLE Wright Urban Eclipse buses for just over 1 and a half years, and the lack of body service info has really got to me, so I started writing my own literature, from working on them personally for Rikku. I’ll post any other stuff that’s bus/truck related too, those like me who are technically minded will make sense of it!

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