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I’ve been using a heavily customized version of Mandigo as TideLog’s flagship theme for a while, and it’s been perfect, bar a slight layout issue with the footer. However, I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 a while back, but when attempting to block a new page from showing in the navigation bar via the theme’s Theme Options screen I receive an error complaining about permissions. I had to check to see if I had modified anything recently that could have caused these permissions but was unable to come up with anything. I did install a plugin that allowed me to change the default username from admin, but that wasn’t the cause.

Turns out in the changelog that I keep for Kana and myself in the theme itself, the item that made the most sense was the upgrades from WordPress 2.X to WordPress 3.X. Below I describe the error in more detail followed by how to resolve the issue as it’ll likely affect others. Here’s what the error looks like:


After visiting the internal WP site that Rikku uses for Matsuki Transport, which is still running WordPress 2.x and has the Mandigo theme installed, I noticed the difference was in the URL used to access the Theme Options page. The URL of the site running WP 2.X was “/wp-admin/themes.php?page=Theme%20Options” but in the updated WordPress 3.X the URL was attempting to access “/wp-admin/themes.php?page=ThemeOptions”. Since I knew that I had not upgraded Mandigo the problem must be with the WordPress upgrade as thought previously but instead of modifying WP it made more sense to update Mandigo to resolve the issue as noted below by modifying the theme_options.php file located at the below path.

Mandigo theme_options.php Location:


My code snip below shows the original section that we will change in the second code snip below.

Original theme_options.php add_theme_page PHP Function:

// the functions that load the theme options page
        function add_mandigo_options_page() {
                global $dirs;
                        'Theme Options',
                        '<img src="'. $dirs['www']['backend'] .'images/attention_catcher.png" alt="" /> Theme Options',
                        'Theme Options',


Updated theme_options.php add_mandigo_options_page PHP Function:

// the functions that load the theme options page
        function add_mandigo_options_page() {
                global $dirs;
                        '<img src="'. $dirs['www']['backend'] .'images/attention_catcher.png" alt="" /> ThemeOptions',


Once you replace the original snip of code with my updated one, save the file, refresh your blog, the issue should be gone! 🙂

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I’m getting a little tired of people stealing my articles, adjusting them, and then claiming I’ve ripped theirs off. Take for example a comment this morning (that was spammed automatically, coincidentally by WordPress) from a Texan moron called Bobby from Coppell TV repairs in Texas. He reckoned my article about the Plasma panel VCC was copied from his site. Funny, because I noted several things that he hadn’t figured:

1. My post date was January this year, and the article on the blog he claimed I’d copied it from (which I’d never even heard of, and was a crap generic Blogger site) the article had a datestamp of April this year.

2. I could see where he’d edited my company name and other bits out of the article on his copy. His grammar and punctuation is sub standard, he spells “meter” like “metter”.

3. His whole site and blog has been live only 8 months, his WHOIS revealed, whereas TideLog has been going nearly 8 years over several servers. I have 13 years (self taught) electronics and computer repair experience over his 8 months.

4. His blog centres around replacing boards in TV’s, whereas I blog about board level repair, amongst the burglar alarm, TV, microwave and other consumer stuff we repair, that he doesn’t.

5. His site says he has “20 years experience in TV repair” but doesn’t actually repair old CRT’s, only LCD???? LCD’s haven’t been around in TV’s for 20 years, idiot!!

6. One particularly funny and arrogant post on his blog goes like this, shows what a pea brained American immigrant he is:

Monday, May 3, 2010

My type of people for customers

I happen to believe there aren’t bad people in this world.

There are maybe many ill people who appear as rude. Ilness easily makes the negative prevail.

There are also a lot of, well, silly people out there. People who just do not know how little they know.

Granted, I might be one of them.

And finally, there are people who may escape both of the above classifications and who I still can’t get along with.

I simply call them “incompatible”.

It’s because despite my best efforts – and sometimes even mutual best efforts – we simply can’t get along.

Over time, I had developed a sense on when I’m compatible with someone and in still a little more time I was able to distill that to a simple list of requirements.

For the sake of avoiding the waste each other’s time, here’s the current state of that list, in no particular order:

  • If you think everyone’s trying to squeeze and cheat you, you are most certainly not my customer
  • If by 2010 you have not yet bought anything on eBay, you are not my customer
  • If you know one particular component that needs to be replaced on your board and ask me for the discounted price to replace that component for you (over courier service) you are not my customer
  • If you need to wait until your next paycheck to get enough money to send in something for repair you are not my customer
  • If you have an AOL email account you are not my customer
  • If you bought this broken TV with the idea that you could fix it and save you are not my customer
  • If you need to ask your wife if you can send in something for repair you are not my customer

This list is incomplete, but I realize it may sound offending to someone. I had to apologize in advance.

I may be ill, badly educated or simply incompatible.

In one last effort to calm anyone who may have somehow felt offended I will add that:

  • If you are top notch scientist, world sports champion, M&A attorney or media star you are not my customer
  • If 8 out of 10 men turn after you on the street you are not my customer either

As you can see I know what I can and what I can’t wish for.

So please stop calling…if Justin Timberlake can’t fix a stupid TV how are you expecting him to fix YOU?!

What the f**k is he on about? Go figure. Bobby, go away. You obviously are ILL from that tripe. Any more comments, and calling me “Dude”, are going automatically into the spam so I don’t have to see your pathetic existence. You’re obviously so no-brained you discriminate against “customers” by what ISP they use. And you rip professional engineer’s posts off as your own to run your “company”. That’s like me turning customers away from my PC repair business because they have a DELL or APPLE machine. Which we do board repairs on too!

Sad prick. I will sue to protect my posts if needed, they are my work. Copyright law applies to my blog, I don’t use Creative Commons nonsense here. I don’t work hard repairing electronics and post articles for fellow engineers for pillocks like him to cry about my work.

That goes for any Chinese bloggers ripping my posts off, too, which I’m sick of, and the pointless pingbacks from automated spiders on blogs that have no relevance to what they’ve pinged on my blog.

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I’ve just purchased my new domain for TideLog. It now resides at http://www.tidelog.info! You can still get to it via the old methods, but this domain looks better than a subdomain.

I’m updating my tidus.wordpress.com blog page as I speak, to point people here.


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Well, that’s it for footie with the ladies until after Christmas, so I get my Sundays back, for now 🙂 It’s going to be a family oriented Christmas this year. I’m spending Christmas Day with all my loved ones. Kassie, Mika, Mitsumi, Rikku, Jill, Pete, Lara, the two Jennys, and the rest of my family. I think Rikku’s sister Jillian is coming over from Holland too, so it’ll be nice to see her. I’ll be seeing my gang from Manchester (the Stretford Saints, as we’re known)

I’ll have to start Christmas shopping soon, so that’s going to be hectic. Kassie & Mika are organising food and everything, plus financing, I always prefer to leave money to the girls, they’re not as reckless as me with it!

Next year I hope things will be as good as they have been the back end of this one. I want to carry on with footie, and maybe learn rugby again.

I can’t believe one thing. I promised myself this blog wouldn’t be a day to day diary, and it sure as heaven is becoming one. I love the way TideLog is looking right now, the new theme and headers have really coloured it up a little.

By the way, if any of my readers want their own artwork as a header on TideLog, feel free to send it in, and I’ll stick my header text and slogan on it, and it’ll display randomly. I’ll accept the following:

  • Game characters (male or female, no obscenity)
  • Vehicles (buses, trucks, cars, bikes, etc)
  • Animals (Any type, really! The cuter the better!)
  • Sport (rugby, football, tennis, with females, too!)

Just make sure the portion you want is at least 961×226, that’s as big as I can go, with most of the subject to the left or right! use my headers as an example. If there’s something you feel might be OK, send me a message using my contact form at the bottom of the right sidebar, and we’ll discuss it.

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I’ve updated my theme, to the wonderful Mandigo theme, by Tom. The StudioPress Red one is a load of rubbish, there’s no customization options anywhere, you have to laboriously edit code, so, Daniel Stcocco, keep your rubbish theme, it is just like your blogging skills, awful!

Mandigo has tons of options right in the Theme Options, making it flexible. I’ve made a new header, and who best to honour my header than the lovely Alicia from Bullet Witch? This is a family blog, so I keep it clean but cute. I can have random headers, so expect more in the future!

Update: My creative juices got flowing, so I’ve created a header of Ayane from Dead or Alive, and one of the cute little baby chick I found last week. The pictures are random!

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To all those asking me about the Volvo bus stuff, who wanted to register, it’s now fixed. I was getting too many spammers joining, so switched it off until I found a CAPTCHA plugin.

I have, so feel free to contribute!

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Browsing my database recently, I noticed that WordPress saves a new copy of a post each time a post is drafted, edited and saved. You can’t just delete these “inherit” post revisions, otherwise linked images will not work. I’ve found a good plugin, called Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin, by a chap called Sudar.

It can be used to delete posts in bulk from selected categories or tags. This Plugin can also delete all drafts, post revisions or pages. It sure can reduce database bloat, especially if you rush posts, like me, and then edit numerous times!


I recommend a database backup first, but with my case, the revision delete didn’t mess anything up as far as I can see, but I still backed up. This is one of those tools that you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

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People have been emailing me asking, “Is this the right TideLog? It always looks different!” It is the correct TideLog, it is THE ONLY TideLog, apart from another blog with the same name that is all about waves, and seas (monitoring waves in the sea, possibly Tsunami fanatics).

TideLog is my online diary, and I like to customize things. My last theme, Atahualpa, has taken a siesta for a while, whilst I roadtest another theme from the stupid Blog Tips guy. He makes you sign up for his crappy Blog Tips newsletter, and then supposedly sends you a link to the themes, which never happened, and all my comments on the matter got deleted. So, I’ve stolen his theme, and decided to re-design it and release it as my own.

He claims I can’t do this, but hey, it’s all PHP code, and he’s in the US, so I’d like to see him stop me! Hey, Daniel Stcocco, notice your copyright notice gone? The whole colour scheme is going too, soon. And the fake Google Ads images that advertise Travelling Dog rubbish, that aren’t even proper ad links (or even links at all!)

I use TideLog as a live testbed for themes, so I can see what it looks like to the outside world, in real-time, rather than having an addon installed to keep a parralel theme world, you see different to me, etc. Once I settle for a nice theme, it’ll stick for a while.

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It’s very nice of you to say you think my articles are well-written, and that you feel the author knows the subject matter very well. It’s lovely that you’ve so carefully considered the relevance of my website to yours, and decided to enrich my website with a link to your own.

Be that as it may, the utter generalisation of your statements, combined with the fact that both your home URL and your name appear to be “best payday loans”, it’s kind of obvious your entire reason for visiting my blog is to attempt to spam it.

Just FYI, it takes me far less time to mark your comment as spam than it does for you to copy/paste your tripe to the comment box and solve the captcha puzzle and post your comments to my moderation queue. Please re-evaluate the return on your investment here, and kindly go away now.


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I’ve been playing about with the new Atahualpa Theme, if anyone has noticed things changing dynamically over the past hour or so! It gives you COMPLETE control over the layout and appearance of your blog, without having to mess with any coding. It is AWESOME, I recommend you check it out. The modified Classic theme was only temporary, and boring.

Cheers BytesForAll, it really is an awesome piece of work, a donation is coming your way from TideLog and myself, Tidosho, shortly. Keep up the good work!

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TideLog is now up to date with the latest version of WordPress. One.com, my web host, are running PHP in Safe Mode, so i had a few ‘set-time-limit()’ PHP errors importing my posts, but things seem OK.

I decided to do it fresh rather than upload the test on my server, there’d have been a lot of messing with the config and database, so I need to re-install my plugins.

Let me know if you all see anything strange!

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I’m updating TideLog this Saturday. I’ve got a copy on my server all updated ready to be uploaded, so expect cuts in service. I’ve updated it to the latest version of WordPress, and added a few plugins to make my blogging easier and friendlier. I’m also working on a new header and theme!

Update: I didn’t get chance to do it yesterday, as a lengthy recovery on a hard drive diverted my attention, so Monday should see it done! I’ll be finishing the Aquarium post too, as I decided to leave uploading images until the migration was done.

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