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Spectre fix BIOS on SuperMicro X9DRL-iF – WARNING

I recently upgraded the BIOS on my server’s SuperMicro X9DRL-iF board, and ran into a strange issue, which I fixed, and upon reflection, think I know why it happened. The BIOS fix was a Spectre fix, so it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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SuperBelle Zor-El models our new CBS/CW Supergirl costume

Ever since the new Supergirl TV series started, starring the beautiful, talented and all-round cheeky and friendly super lady Melissa Benoist, we wanted the new costume in our costume collection, but we wanted it to be perfect. We started it … Continue reading

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SuperYurie as SuperLady in gunge!

This shoot isn’t quite KryptoGunge, but it’s still sexy and messy for fans of WAM and Superheroine peril. Yurie wanted to get messy after she saw Kana trapped by Mika and me in our edible KryptoGunge. So we’ve shot a … Continue reading

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Supergirl TV Series – Flying high or crash landing?

Practically anyone who knows me, knows I love the character of Supergirl. She’s the superheroine version of everything I love about human women. Strength, beauty, warmth, love, with some kickass thrown in when she needs it. Given this, most would … Continue reading

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TideLog is SAFE!!

You may have noticed recently that TideLog has been flagged as a security risk by Google and others. This is NOT true, their search engine has picked up on some 7Zip archives such as our Destruction Derby download, and thinks … Continue reading

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