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Hello and welcome to TideLog. I’m Tidosho, and this is my personal blog. I’m named after my first nickname Tidus, Kassie my girlfriend once dressed me up like Tidus from Final Fantasy for a fancy dress party, and the nickname has stuck. I was surprised how much I looked like him! My second nickname is Tidosho, which was born out of Tidus, and the name of my favourite Japanese idol, Shoko Hamada, mix the two, “Tid-o-sho” and I got Tidosho! I’ve been using the names since 2002. I am the REAL Tidosho! Anyone else using the name is likely an imposter! And I doubt they love fixing computers, cars, machinery and buses like the real me!

I will post most interesting things here, both funny and serious, that go on in my life. I like to do a lot of things in life, I’m not one of those who sits there doing nothing. I’m an adrenaline junkie, and will give anything a go!

I love dirty stuff, like rugby, mud wrestling, gunge fights, the messier the better, it’s good exercise too! I play football and rugby frequently with a lady friend called Rikku, she owns her own private hire bus company, and runs her own ladies football team called Woodhill LFC in Prestwich, and I’ve been the only guy in a team of hot adrenaline charged footie babes for a while on and off. All you guys who say women cannot play footie are both jealous, and/or gay and sexist/stupid, maybe all of those!

I love fancy dress and cosplay. Cosplay is where you dress up as your favourite video game, comic or film characters by either making the costumes, or buying them. Cosplay can involve actual role play, or just chilling out in costume with fellow cosplay geeks (before you say it, yes I’m a guy, and yes, girls are geeks too, thousands of them indulge in cosplay!).

My favourite costume is my Superman one, second to that is my Tidus Final Fantasy one, so you’ll probably see pictures of me at conventions dressed as both my idols, with the chicks swooning over my tight shiny Superman costume, chicks really seem to love it and fantasise quite a lot. Heck, I can be a superhero, just without the lasers and X-Ray vision. In my lair, anything’s possible girls 🙂

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10 Responses to “About TideLog”
  1. Mike says:

    I would like to ask you if it’s possible you could help me contacting the tailor that did this awesome costume (http://tidelog.kitamuracomputers.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Kassies-Supergirl-outfit.jpg) for you.
    Many thanks in advance!
    Kindest regards,

  2. David says:

    Hey Tidosho,

    I came upon your “Western Digital hard drive board swaps – The FACTS” blog and found it very helpful. My WD hard drive is damaged and I have been doing lots of research on how I can repair it (don’t have the money for a data recovery service). Since you lots of experience with hard drive repair, especially WD, I hope you can give me some advice:

    1. How can you determine if a damaged hard drive requires a board swap or arm swap? I dropped my hard drive and now it is not recognized and makes a few clicking noise before spinning down.
    2. Is it necessary to do some soldering when switching circuit boards? I read online that for modern hard drives, you need to also switch the ROM and BIOS chips.
    3. What compatibility is needed for an arm swap? I read that the DCM is important. Is a DCM of HHBTJHN compatible with HEMTJHN?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    • Tidosho says:

      If you’ve dropped it a board swap won’t help. You’re looking at possible head to platter damage where the heads have hit the platter. This will cause the head to scratch the platter, removing the magnetic coating, possibly leaving traces of it on the head itself. In your case a DIY job will be near impossible, you’d be better off sendig it to a professional recovery firm, they have the tools and knowledge. Your drive isn’t being recognised because the drive is unable to read its own firmware, which itself is stored on the platters, hence why it doesn’t appear in the BIOS or Windows.

      NEVER ever take a hard drive cover off anywhere but a clean room. You can’t see most dust, even a tiny speck of dust is equivalent to the size of a hair in comparison to the gap between head and platter.

  3. ODN says:

    Hi Tidosho,

    This may be a blast from the past, but I’m trying to use HHTrack to mirror a .onion site, and encountering a lot of problems… no one on the HTTrack forums is any help. I found your post from years ago and was hoping you could help!


    • Tidosho says:

      I’ve never tried using HTTrack to mirror onion sites. Tor uses proxies, so as long as you put the proxy into HTTrack, it should work. You’re the first who’s tried this!

  4. buu nguyen says:

    Hi Tidosho my lumix lx100 zoom extend stop,i try the way you show,by turn shuttle to T then to. W it ‘s not work for me,so what can i do next, and if not where to send my camera to fix,it fall down, thank you

  5. MURILO says:

    Hi, Tidosho,
    Thank you for explanations about Panasonic I.O.S. System. I had never thought my little pocket camera coud have all those stuff inside the lenses. Are you an engineer?

    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Murilo,

      I am an electronics repair engineer, yes. I’m self taught, and have been learning electronics and mechanics since I was young!

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