TideLog Archive for September, 2018

Ever since the new Supergirl TV series started, starring the beautiful, talented and all-round cheeky and friendly super lady Melissa Benoist, we wanted the new costume in our costume collection, but we wanted it to be perfect. We started it in 2016, and two years later we’re so proud to have the designer of our specific costume herself, Annabelle “Belle” Collins, model it for us. Annabelle is a long time cosplayer, and also a keen costume designer in her job, she’s studied SuperMel’s costume extensively, and ours is the first completed one she’s done. The thing that makes Annabelle special is she was mentored 13 years ago at fashion school by Colleen Atwood, the legend lady who originally designed SuperMel’s costume for CBS & DC Comics!

She’s nailed it, don’t you think? She even got Mel’s feisty balled knuckles “ready-to-fight, don’t-push-me” pose spot on! We present SuperBelle Zor-El! Heh, that has a nice ring to it!

It’s great having a dedicated designer and cosplayer in our team as we normally have different people making and modelling them. Kana has designed two, and she has two designer friends, as well as our models who actually do the roleplay, such as Yurie.

And the big beauty of the CBS/CW clone costume is it’s a plastic composite material, with leather trim and diamond S shield, as well as the leather thigh high boots, so it’ll stand up to messy KryptoGunge better than our other Spandex and Lycra costumes, the colours tend to change on those 🙂

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This shoot isn’t quite KryptoGunge, but it’s still sexy and messy for fans of WAM and Superheroine peril. Yurie wanted to get messy after she saw Kana trapped by Mika and me in our edible KryptoGunge.

So we’ve shot a little peril video of her writhing around in gloop in our SuperLady costume, and here’s a small vidcap of her covered in gloop, pretending to be weakened by it, even though it isn’t KryptoGunge:

She played as good a part as Kana did, and I wanted Kana to go get her Supergirl costume on and jump in there with her and wrestle her, but it was a solo test, and a very erotic test it was! 🙂

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