If you lose your radio code, it can be expensive to go back to the dealer. There are even websites offering to get your code for a fee! Not any more, because I’ve discovered their secret, in the form of CalcGEN! It’s an application to allow you to obtain your code, as they are often generated using the serial and model numbers of your radio.

This tool is for vehicles up to 2009, I cannot guarantee it’ll work on newer ones. NOTE: Some vehicles after ’04 do NOT need a code, as the radios are wired to the CANbus, and are already electronically married to the Body ECU/Vehicle ECU. Simply reconnect the battery, if the radio works, you’re OK.

Removal of the radio from the dash is required to obtain the information needed. It is your responsibility to obtain the manufacturer’s recommended tools, and to ensure this procedure is performed on YOUR personal vehicle. I cannot be held responsible for you using this tool, for it being used on rentals, hire purchase vehicles, stolen vehicles, or any other circumstances.

Download the tool by clicking HERE. Extract the tool, and run “CalcGEN_2009_crk.exe”. It is safe and virus free, hosted here on TideLog.

Ford Code:

Select Ford from the ‘code from serial option’

Select Ford M series from the dropdown menu

Enter the 6 digits from your serial number, missing out the letter M

Press calculate and your code is displayed.

Renault Code:

Select the “Code from serial” tab, then select Renault

Enter the last four characters from your radio bar code details i.e f123

Once entered your code is displayed.


Covering all Alfa-Romeo, Citroen, FIAT, Peugeot, Nissan, Rover, and Vauxhall models that have been manufactured by Blaupunkt.

NOTE: Check it isn’t already wired to the CANbus. If the connector on the radio has CAN L & CAN H terminals, it shouldn’t need manual code entry and you can simply reconnect the battery, as the Body/Vehicle ECU is already electronically married (encrypted) to it, manual code entry is not needed.

1. Press the Blaupunkt button.

2. Find your part number starting 7 6, enter the 5th 6th and 7th digit, so if your part number is for example “P/N 7 641 372 001” you’d enter 372.

3. Next enter the last 7 digits of your radio serial number, radio serial number starts with BP.

4. When you have the 10 digits entered in to the calculator press the Standard button, and your code is displayed!

Note: Citroen, Peugeot, Alfa-Romeo and FIAT codes are displayed beside “FIAT code is:”

IMPORTANT: If anyone needs help, for the interests of security, DO NOT enter serial numbers in the comments! Email me at tidosho at gmail dot com instead. There are organised gangs that crawl the internet looking for revealed serial numbers, they reflash (program) stolen radios with known ones, and I want to keep you safe from fraud.

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2 Responses to “Radio code generator for pre 2009 Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo & more”
  1. Isaac says:

    Please remove my calculator and all download links from your site.
    This is not a distributable file.
    Cease and desist

    • Tidosho says:

      Kiss my arse. Are you just jealous because I’m stopping you from profiting, stealing money from dealers, and ripping people off? If it isn’t redistributable then why is it all over the internet? Let’s see what dealers and manufacturers have to say about your software, because it sure isn’t legal.

      Suck my balls, asswipe.

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