You’ve seen Sarah as Superwoman, several iterations of her, in fact. We recently acquired a Dark Superwoman outfit, Sarah offered to jump into it for us. After Kana had done Sarah’s hair and make up, there was only one word to sum up her evil-ness. Wow. Take a look, she’s stunning, with lovely sea-blue eyes:


We’ve never had a Dark Superwoman before, but Sarah fits her perfectly, she can be quite feisty. If we pit her against her good counterpart, who do you think would win? Not so much in a messy wrestling match, but just a good old hand to hand combat match? My bets are on pitting her against SuperKate, she’s naturally fit as she’s a fitness trainer for a living. Sarah doesn’t visually look as strong as Kate, but looks can be very deceptive. Evil Superwoman’s costume comes with some different powers of evil, including Kryptonite lasers from both her fingers and eyes, we know what that does to Good Superwoman1 Here’s SuperKate in our 90’s SW costume, look at her Super-fit physique:

Sexy SuperKate showing her Super-Sexy physique

You’ve seen her in my replica Superman costume, but she really fits Superwoman, especially her 90’s one showing her fit legs and tum. Pit her against Dark SuperSarah what will happen? You’ll have to wait and see! Vote in the comments, do you want SuperKate wearing this outfit, or my Superman one?

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5 Responses to “Sarah modelling our new Dark Superwoman costume!”
  1. Alisa says:

    Hey Tido!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while after you posted your Superman cosplay on DeviantArt! Your girls are so amazing! I think you should have Kate in the 90’s outfit, she’s got such a SEXY body she should show it off, she turns me on, you know I’m Bi 😉

    Can I be Superwoman for you? I’m flying to San Diego next year for ComicCon 2015 then I want to come to the UK, I’d love to meet you & Kana again, and all the girls of XtremeSexyHeroines! I’ve done superheroine wrestling before, just never any messy wrestling, the thought of wrestling Kate as 90’s Superwoman in custard while you join in as Superman makes me kinda wet & horny! I’m getting carried away….! BTW, can you get Hannah as Rogue, that tight shiny costume of hers is sooo hot on her! Ohmigod! 🙂

    Lotsa love hunny,

    SuperAlisa xoxo

    • Tidosho says:

      Wow, Alisa, this is supposed to be family friendly, but I won’t tell 😉 Kana loves you, she will want you to bring all your heroine costumes! Seriously though, we will glady put you up for a few weeks if you wanna come stay with us and do some vids and photoshoots. We also do some naughty unclean stuff off camera too! Whoops, did I just say that?

      You are amazing Ali, Kana and I would be honoured to have you as our guest. In fact, you and I should plan it secretly as a surprise for Kana, she loves you 🙂 I will be Superman for you anytime, you can wrestle me in whatever gloopy edible stuff you want :). I’ll send you an email and we can start planning a big messy superhero fortnight of fun, family friendly public stuff, and private naughty stuff :). Any normal girlfriend wouldn’t let me get away with it, but Kana’s a wildcat, she WANTS it!


      SuperJames xxx

  2. Alisa says:

    Hiya SuperJames,

    I will bring all my costumes with me, as many as the airline will allow heehee 🙂 As you know, I’m American, and us Americans love mud, and anything messy! I watched a ladies’ roller derby match the other day, and the losers had to wrestle in spaghetti & tomato sauce, if that’s the kind of mess we’ll be getting into as sexy heroines, count me in, I’m wet already!

    Thankyou for the amazing compliment, you’re not so bad yourself, especially as Superman, you hunk, Kana’s a lucky Superwoman! I love your pic of her from ComicCon ’09, she makes a really cute 90’s Superwoman and you a cute Spiderman, I was there I dunno how I didn’t bump into you both 😉

    SuperAli xoxo

  3. Hi SuperJames, it’s Superwoman Jen!

    Can we borrow SuperKate? Me and my sisters would love to do a fight scene on our GirlsOfSteele site! Adara’s been looking for a heroine with fit tight physique for ages! We can pay her normal rate plus airfare and accom here in Seattle?

    Thanks for your support of our site over the years hun 🙂

    Love SuperJen & the Girls of Steele xx

    • Tidosho says:

      Hiya Jen!

      I’ll make enquiries, and see if Kate’s up for travelling! She’s really reasonable, and approachable, but I’m not sure about the contract Kana has with her for Kana Photographics, I think it’s an exclusive. I’ll get back to you on it!

      SuperJames xx

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