Hyundai Atoz 2002

Back in 2000 I worked as a mechanic and panel beater for Shaw St Garage in Bolton, until 2006. We did a lot of contract work for the local Bolton Car Centre, including their Hyundai and Suzuki dealers. I worked on many Hyundai vehicles such as the Accent, Atoz, Terracan SUV, the Elantra, and Suzuki cars like the Swift, Jimny, Ignis and the Carry van. I carried out all sorts of work to them, including crash repair, service & maintenance, overhauls and MOT’s.

I notice on the internet there’s people still looking for the Atoz service manual. The Atoz was sold as many different names in different countries, such as the Atoz, Atos, Prime, and the Santro in Pakistan and India. I have the ISO file for the 2002 Atoz, the first and original generation before the first facelift in 2003. I still have my subscription to Hyundai’s service manual portal, the Atoz is no longer listed in any of its names, so I’ll post this rare gem here on TideLog. They were a cute little car, quite nippy for a 1.2 litre front wheel drive! I used this CD on my diagnostic laptop that had all my workshop stuff on, it worked well bearing in mind I’m a professional mechanic. DIY’ers might not understand some of it, but leave comments and I’ll try to help.

This manual is not in the form of a PDF file, instead it’s a software interface, follow this procedure for installation.

1. Download the ISO file by clicking HERE, then mount it (using WinCDEmu or any other virtual CD software) or write it on a CD.
2. Run the file in your CD “X:\esis\ShopManual\Setup\setup.exe” where X is replaced by whatever letter your CD/DVD drive is.
3. Complete the installation procedure. During installation it will give error messages to keep newer files. Say YES (keep newer files). On Windows 7 or Vista you may get some DLL and OCX register errors, it doesn’t seem to affect it, so you can safely ignore them.
4. A “ShopManual” icon with the Hyundai H logo will appear in your Start Menu, click it to run the application! You will need the ISO mounted, or the disc inserted, every time you want to run it.

It works fine with Windows XP, Vista and 7, possibly Win 8 too. You’ll notice in the menu upon running it that it has references to other Hyundai cars, these don’t work, just the Atoz. The CD is not modified, just the way Hyundai distributed it. Anyone reading this need any help servicing their Atoz, leave a comment, I miss working on these cute little cars!

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37 Responses to “Hyundai Atoz 2002 Service Manual ISO”
  1. Chad says:

    You my dear friend, you are a legend. I just wish these manuals were more readily available. Haynes makes a fortune in an era where digital content seems to be the way to go but try fine a decent reputable place that sells a manual for a reasonable price and doesn’t come with adds and popups and all the rest. I also wish they stuck to a naming convention on an international level. Took me 3 months to realize a santro and an atos, was the same damn car. From the bottom of my heart, and that of my 2004 hyundai atos prime (1.0l of pure toothless aggression), thank you.

  2. Rico says:

    Hi, sheesh was I glad to get the info, but the manual downloaded fine but when I want to go to a section it tells me it cannot connect to the internet. All my browsers work so not sure if something is wrong. I am stuck trying to sort out the rear drum brakes on my atos and am battling to remove them and to fit the new ones. Those darn springs are so tight and strong. Truly appreciate what you have done though.

    • Tidosho says:

      Hiya Rico,

      I had a play about with it before uploading it, I didn’t notice any issues. The last time I used it daily in the garage was 2003, browsers and operating systems have changed massively since then. I’ll have another play and see if anything happens.

  3. stefan says:

    The same thing that Rico said happend to me. I’m stuck. Please help. I tried with Win 7.

    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Stefan,

      Rico mentioned it was the brakes section giving him trouble, is it the same with you? I’ll take a look for you. I actually have a copy of the FULL ISO which contains a few more 2002 Hyundai models, so if this single version appears faulty I’ll upload the new one.

  4. Dharshana says:

    Same Here, I installed on win xp, installation completed with no issue. But it not working.

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    • Ridwaan says:

      Hey pal… Can u pls help with workshop manual for atos 1.1 prime gls 2006 model. My

  7. Henrietta says:

    THANK YOU!!!
    I have no problem with the brake section. You just have to click on the “CD” button – on the left top of the window. And have the CD on.
    Have a happy christmas!

  8. Agasthian says:

    Hi Tidosho.
    Great job uploading this software.It installs but it shows error saying cannot connect to internet !!! πŸ™
    pls tell me a fix for tis.

  9. richard says:

    thanx so much. I have a Hyundai Atos Prime,1.1. It has no power totally when i am tring to
    accelerate on an uphill. It goes to less than 10km per hour. The idling seems to be so slow to respond when i press the accelerator pedal. What could be the problem???

  10. richard says:

    thanx a lot. I am having a Hyundai Atos Prime GLS, it”s losing power when I try to accelerate. It goes to around 10kmper hour on an uphill. I have replaced the filters, spark plugs and oils, but nothing has changed. If I depress the accelerator pedal, it takes longer to respond.

    • Tidosho says:

      Does the engine light come on at all when the sluggishness happens? The cause could be any number of things, from a fuel restriction (not just in the fuel filter, the pumps etc could be suspect) or an intake issue. Without seeing your car in action it’s hard to diagnose over the internet. You’d be best popping into a garage and have them check for any stored fault codes.

  11. Kamal says:

    My mom have Atoz that can’t open Rear Right door, what can i do to open them?

    • Tidosho says:

      Have you tried the interior handle? Is the child-lock on? This will stop you using the interior handle to open it. Does your car have central locking?

  12. dimitris markopoulos says:

    a big thank you !!!! i have the atos prime mod 2002

  13. pz says:

    If you are using windows 7 or later, you have to run application shortcut using right click and selecting “Run as administrator” due to UAC.

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  15. atos 2000 says:


    i need to replace my headlight. but i don’t know how to get the rubber cover off. any ideas?

  16. atos 2000 says:

    fixed it just had to pull harder. (thought i would break something)

  17. Ricky says:

    Hey, I just had to post to say THANK YOU!! I have spent ages looking for this manual but I didn’t want to fork out money here and there for the wrong manual! ALL I need to do is tighten the clutch cable because the bite point is VERY low and also VERY sudden! My driving instructor believes it’s just loose. (The car was given to me by my partners family as a loan until I can save up for a decent car in 6-8months time πŸ™‚ ) Also do you think it is possible to test whether the A/C gas levels are simply low? Somewhere I have read you can disconnect the two cables to the pressure sensor and bridge them, and if the A/C turns on then it just needs to be refilled. Is this possible on the Atoz+ 1998 Manual. Thanks πŸ˜€

  18. Ricky says:

    Further to my last message, even with the manual I still can’t find where the adjuster is for the clutch… Any ideas? I’ve looked in the engine where the clutch comes through the chasis but all I see is a cable held in with a big rubber washer and an ordinary nut… I’ve looked under the car but there is almost zero access into the engine bay and no cables to be seen so I know where the cable IS just not where the nut is to adjust the tension on the cable… There is about 2cm of freeplay on the clutch so it does need to be adjusted if I can just figure out WHERE! lol

  19. MacTeP says:

    Thanks a lot for the manual! A lot of people are looking for it in the forums but your post has the only working link that I was able to find.
    I am also looking for a user manual for Atos Prime 2000.

    • Tidosho says:

      It’ll always be live, hopefully, as it’s stored within the blog itself on the server, so no external links! No worries, glad I could help!

  20. Alan says:

    Thanks mate, you have made my life much easier looking after my daughters best friend!

  21. charles says:

    Thank you so much for the download however after install I get a “Runtime Error 5” message and the file, Shop Manual “cant be found.” This is on Win 8.1. Any suggestions?

  22. Alyssa says:

    Hi there, I’m really struggling with trying to remove the rear door panel of my Atos Prime (I think it is a 2007 model). In particular, I can’t figure out how to remove the manual window lever crank. Any advice?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Tidosho says:

      The manual handles are usually held on to the shaft by an E type circlip, they can often be popped off with a flatblade screwdriver between the door and the handle. If you Google E-Type circlip, you’ll see what they look like.

  23. David says:

    Hello. im trying your download, but i doubt your manuael will help in yhis aspect. If you have any experiance in strip and rebuild the manuael transmission box, then mayby you could help. I have never had this problem before, in all my experiance and the many Transmissions I have rebuilt.
    I have done a routine internal bearing change, and when assembled , it selects all gears. Once placed in the vehicle, I check and select 1st to 5th, then reverse. after that I can only select 5th and reverse. Iv removed and striped it 3 times. on inspection all looks fine and workable. once removed, the problem still exists, till it is striped, and then all is working again. fzzzzeled is my brain. this sort of stuff never happens to me. Well I got plenty patience, but my client will soon run out of patience, and im starting to feel like a dope. Ok the down load has finished now, i will take a look at your stuff. thanks , and if you do know the reason please let me know. thanks.

  24. cake says:

    My dad has a T reg Atoz+ kept in the garage. 36k miles on clock (genuine) and started every month or so to keep in order etc…. came to start it today and the engine turns over but it wont start.
    I’m kind thinking about the fuel pump – what do you reckon? (plenty of petrol in)


    • Tidosho says:

      I’d check a little closer to home first, things like the battery, alternator, fuses, relays. Does it turn over, getting faster like it wants to catch but doesn’t quite manage it? Could be a blockage somewhere, check the fuel filter, and do a compression check on all cylinders. If one or more cylinders is less than others there’s a problem with piston rings or a gasket leak.

      Keeping a car in a garage over winter can be harmful to it, especially only starting it once a month, you should really take it for a drive, and get the engine and gearbox warmed up, keeps the oils and fluids at a nice consistency.

  25. Keith says:

    I can’t figure this out. Once I’ve downloaded the ISO file and mount or convert it all I can see are pictures of tools and parts. I can’t find any text or written instructions on how to repair. If I put it on a CD do I need to convert it?? What am I doing wrong??? Help!!!!!!!!!

  26. Branko says:

    Thank you verry much Tidosho-sama!

  27. hardi says:

    thanks a lot for share..

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