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Can you believe it, that for the first time in what must be 15 years at least, that First Manchester have actually REDUCED ticket prices?!? Recently they sold a lot of their single decker Volvo B7RLE’s to Stagecoach, and I’ve seen a couple of Stagecoach’s Alexander Dennis Enviro400 double deckers in First’s fleet, sporting First’s new livery.

FirstWeek tickets have gone down to £13 from £18, and FirstDay tickets are now just £4.00 from £4.50. It’s just a shame they had to sell off a load of buses, and routes (All their routes that went down Deane are now all Stagecoach) to get the prices down. First Manchester are a shadow of their former self, the number of routes run by them in Bolton alone has gone from over 70 to less than 15. Andy Scholey, the new CEO who took over from Ian Davies around 2006-7 (I can’t remember exactly) seems to be doing a worse job than Ian ever did.

I noticed that shares hardly budged around the time of the announcement, though, which isn’t surprising. Nobody wants a stake in a ghost of a company. At least those buses from First will get looked after better by Stagecoach!

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Hyundai Atoz 2002

Back in 2000 I worked as a mechanic and panel beater for Shaw St Garage in Bolton, until 2006. We did a lot of contract work for the local Bolton Car Centre, including their Hyundai and Suzuki dealers. I worked on many Hyundai vehicles such as the Accent, Atoz, Terracan SUV, the Elantra, and Suzuki cars like the Swift, Jimny, Ignis and the Carry van. I carried out all sorts of work to them, including crash repair, service & maintenance, overhauls and MOT’s.

I notice on the internet there’s people still looking for the Atoz service manual. The Atoz was sold as many different names in different countries, such as the Atoz, Atos, Prime, and the Santro in Pakistan and India. I have the ISO file for the 2002 Atoz, the first and original generation before the first facelift in 2003. I still have my subscription to Hyundai’s service manual portal, the Atoz is no longer listed in any of its names, so I’ll post this rare gem here on TideLog. They were a cute little car, quite nippy for a 1.2 litre front wheel drive! I used this CD on my diagnostic laptop that had all my workshop stuff on, it worked well bearing in mind I’m a professional mechanic. DIY’ers might not understand some of it, but leave comments and I’ll try to help.

This manual is not in the form of a PDF file, instead it’s a software interface, follow this procedure for installation.

1. Download the ISO file by clicking HERE, then mount it (using WinCDEmu or any other virtual CD software) or write it on a CD.
2. Run the file in your CD “X:\esis\ShopManual\Setup\setup.exe” where X is replaced by whatever letter your CD/DVD drive is.
3. Complete the installation procedure. During installation it will give error messages to keep newer files. Say YES (keep newer files). On Windows 7 or Vista you may get some DLL and OCX register errors, it doesn’t seem to affect it, so you can safely ignore them.
4. A “ShopManual” icon with the Hyundai H logo will appear in your Start Menu, click it to run the application! You will need the ISO mounted, or the disc inserted, every time you want to run it.

It works fine with Windows XP, Vista and 7, possibly Win 8 too. You’ll notice in the menu upon running it that it has references to other Hyundai cars, these don’t work, just the Atoz. The CD is not modified, just the way Hyundai distributed it. Anyone reading this need any help servicing their Atoz, leave a comment, I miss working on these cute little cars!

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