TideLog Archive for March, 2013

We thought we’d have a slight change from all the comic heroines on our site, and this time have some mystical/mythical heroines. These girls are going to be the ones hunting down the rogue comic heroines, leading them into traps 🙂

First off we have Lisa as NightBlade, wearing what is actually one of Kana’s naughty outfits, seeing another woman in it is kinda sensual, especially as Lisa has a very big sharp weapon to match the sexy skimpy uniform! :). I’m really lucky Kana’s bi-sexual, a normal straight girl wouldn’t share her naughty stuff with other girls:

Sexy Lisa as NightBlade-001

Sexy Lisa as NightBlade-002

I pity Dark Supergirl if NightBlade catches up with her. My first idea is to make a gunge pit, and lay some turf on the top so it’s camouflaged to the grass around it. NightBlade will lead Dark Supergirl onto it by deception, and, splosh! In she goes! All covered in gunge, unable to fly or run away, so she’ll be unable to get away when NightBlade jumps in with her and wrestles her into gloopy submission. The gunge contains black kryptonite, which is harmful to evil Supergirl just as green Kryptonite is to the good Supergirl. Dark Supergirl then has no choice but to change her ways, as her evil costume is ruined and can never be replaced once destroyed, so she loses her evil powers.

NightBlade MUST make sure the evil costume is destroyed and cannot be repaired, so whilst the two are wrestling she uses her Mage powers to rip it to shreds, leaving Dark Supergirl in just her bikini, all gungy and feeling humiliated because she let herself be so easily trapped!

Then we’ve got Lucie as Death Falcon, a sexy caped heroine that’s a cross between Zelda and Xena Warrior Princess, with a cape thrown in! Take a look at her, and tell me the first thing you really notice about her:

Lucie as Death Falcon-001

Lucie as Death Falcon-002

If you said her eyes, you get 2 points, if you said her legs, you get 4 points, but the bonus correct answer, for 6 points, is her absolutely scrumptious pouty lips, they are delicious, aren’t they? I told her she had lovely lips, her response was, “Thankyou! They are natural too!” Gawd, I love a woman with pout lips, Kana has them 🙂

Anyway, I’m getting carried away :). Death Falcon hates Ultimate Girl and Power Babe, as they constantly try draining human life of power and control, so that they can take over the world. Death Falcon fantasises about trapping them both at once, tying them both up back to back, and throwing pies, cakes and other foodstuff at them, as sugar is harmful to them both and will bring them to a weak nervous state.

These are only prelim pics, but we hope they’ll decide to stay, I love a mythical fantasy female character with a weapon like a blade 🙂

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