We have quite a few Supergirls, both good and bad versions, so I wanted you to meet another of our heroines. Here’s Chrissy as Wonder Woman, and what a fine wonder she is too:


This is one of the old fancy dress shop inventory outfits that actually looks fully authentic, it just needs a tiny bit of work to some of the stitching. Doesn’t Chrissy look sexy? What do you think her first heroine wrestle scenario should be? Messy? Clean? In a wrestling ring, or on our gym mat? What heroine should she fight?

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One Response to “Our Wonderous Heroine!”
  1. A C says:

    Count me in as a day one subscriber. I am more excited for this than anything coming to the internet. My two favorite fetishes rolled into one. I really hope it’s really messy like head to toe. The thought of evil supergirl pushing supergirl’s face in the mud is too hot. Will love seeing them get upset about their costumes getting dirty. Best of luck to you!

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