As you know, we’re working on replacing some of our older costumes, mainly the old fancy dress shop inventory. We found this amazing 70’s Supergirl costume for sale on Gumtree, and who better to test drive it than our lovely feisty heroine Sarah:


I like this costume a little more than the 80’s one, it’s so much more daring with those sexy tight hotpants! The costume is a leotard style bodysuit, and the hotpants go over the top with the belt. This sexy uniform looks great on a tall leggy lady, I can’t decide whether strappy high heels or knee high boots go best with it, as they’re both equally sexy! Boots are dominant, whereas strappy high heels are sweet, feminine, and make a petite girl taller, or a tall leggy girl even taller!

Kana and myself have thought of a modified version of this outfit that will look awesome! Take the 80’s Classic outfit and replace the skirt with hotpants. The logo on the 70’s one is too small, there is one on the back of the cape, but it’d look better with a big S on the chest. A cross between the 70’s and 80’s outfits will be best of both worlds!

Now for all you wet and messy fans, just imagine Sarah wrestling Ultimate Babe in custard, in this gorgeous uniform, those legs all covered in sweet warm custard….

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2 Responses to “70’s Superwoman”
  1. Jenny-Lou says:

    Phwooar, she’s really cute! I wouldn’t mind having her long legs round me as she has me in a hold! I love a heroine with hot legs! My first bi experience was with a girl dressed as SuperGirl at a fancy dress party and I’ve been smitten ever since, can you hook me up with SuperSarah?


    Jenny-Louise xxxx

    • Tidosho says:

      Hiya Jenny-Lou!

      Sarah is a real hottie as both good Superwoman and Dark, she does the feisty look really well and makes my heart race too. If you’re anywhere close to the Midlands we could get you in one of our costumes, you can be a Superwoman yourself in SuperSarah’s very boots and cape, your fantasy come true, Sarah’ll let you fight her 🙂

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