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Tasha is the latest girl to audition for us. She comes from Chester, and loves comic conventions! “I love Supergirl, she’s really gentle with good people yet feisty and tough on the baddies!”, she told us. “She’s kinda like me, I respect people who obey the law and treat others right, but can’t stand bad people or stupid idiots and always put them in their place!”, she giggles.

When we mentioned that she might be doing some messy fighting with Power Babe or her arch rival Dark Supergirl she let a rather nice secret slip that makes me feel she’s perfect, “Ooh, messy fighting! I used to live in America and was a mud and spaghetti wrestler! I used to do roller derbies, the losing team had to wrestle the winners in spaghetti and Jello! If I’m doing a shoot, can I be Supergirl and rip Power Girl’s costume off while we roll in gunge?”

How could we say no? Superheroines and gungy gloopy sensualism (new word!) is what we’re here for 😉 After Kana and I finished chatting with her, we got her uniform out, and while she changed into her secret superheroine alter ego Kana and I started discussing her first possible shoot. She wanted to rip Power Girl’s costume off, and our Power Girl costume needs replacing anyway so we decided to do it in a few weeks once we’ve weakened the costume so it can be ripped off without hurting the girl. The heroine who has her uniform ripped off will always be wearing a swimsuit underneath, either a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini, we are not a nude site!

I’ve always fancied seeing Supergirl getting gungy in multicoloured gunge like on Noel’s House Party, so we’ll have to see how it all pans out! Tasha came out of the changing room 60 seconds later all dolled up and we took her outside to test our new camera in the dark:

She’s super gorgeous! This costume is almost identical to Kassie’s own Superwoman outfit except hers has more of a pronounced V shape on the skirt belt line. This one that Tash wore was another really expensive film-like replica so it isn’t going to get torn off Tash’s cute curves.

We’re replacing some of the older outfits from the old fancy dress shop collection from when Kassie bought out a fancy dress shop so we might use them as ripping candidates. The one Shannon wears is not that great so you may see that one getting gungy and ripped off one of our feisty girls by her arch enemy 😉

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