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HDD Regenerator is the backbone of our data recovery services at Kitamura, coupled with Runtime Software’s GetDataBack series, they are paid for software but pay for themselves if you’re a data recovery specialist.

One big warning I need to make people aware of about using HDD Regenerator 1.71 and lower with an Advanced Format drive that has 4k sectors is that they ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. Versions 1.71 and below DO NOT support 4k sectors on Advanced Format drives! You need to use HDD Regenerator 2011 and NEWER.

If you run these older versions either in DOS or Windows on an advanced drive formatted with 4k sectors, once it sees a bad sector it will regenerate it as a 512k sector, and every single sector after this will be seen as bad, making the drive look totally damaged. IMMEDIATELY STOP THE PROCESS, and purchase HDD Regenerator 2011, and re-run it either as a CD or USB. The newer version will correct the sectors to the proper size.

Don’t torrent it either. Dimitriy Primochenko and his team have done such a great job with this program since it started over 10 years ago, and any IT recovery professional worth his salt, like me, will reward a great team with purchases of their software. The price pays for itself, I use it in Kitamura and personally at home, so reward greatness with kindness and tip him an extra £10 on top of the purchase price.

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The Optima XM posts on my blog have proved to be massively popular, with many people asking for help with their systems. Recently I have had a big influx of people asking if I would fix their PCB’s. I do fix them, but have a specific way of doing things to prevent your system being inactive for extended periods and a risk of burglary.

I don’t normally accept boards for straight repair-while-you-wait services due to waiting times depending on chips needed, like the CPU as they need to be ordered and imported specially. Then I need to solder the components and soak test (not in water! See link to Wikipedia article!) the repaired board under full simulated load with PIR’s, siren etc in my test lab for 72 hours. This leaves you vulnerable as your alarm is inoperative.

My procedure is a part exchange service, one of my repaired working boards exchanged for your non-working board, and part cash, that way you’re less at risk as it takes much less time for your system to be running again. My cost is £15 cash and your old board, the money covers postage via Recorded Next Day or courier of my working board. Funds can be transferred via PayPal or bank transfer for security.

The working board will be factory reset so make sure you make a record of your old board’s arm/disarm code and delay times. I will program the new board for you with those settings if you so wish before sending it to you. Your old board is then repaired in my spare time, reset to factory settings and used in the exchange cycle all over again. Recycling is really cool 😉


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I went out walking Nala this evening, and found Supergirl Tina patrolling the perimeter of our property backing onto the lodges! I need to find out where our cute new security guard came from, Kana must have hired her secretly as there were no photoshoots this week…

Maybe she’s just practising or breaking in her uniform for her shoots or something, she sure fits it perfectly well. I was going to quiz her once I’d got back from chasing Nala round the woods, but she’d flown away….

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