We shot these pictures last year as a test for our heroine site. Kate wore my expensive replica Classic Superman costume, and Shabina wore our Power Girl costume. This Superman outfit is my best one, it cost close to £400 to have made, I don’t wear it when relaxing, or in the bedroom for the girls ;). I only wear it to costume competitions and conventions, and I must say Kate looks sexier in it and my Superman boots than I do, she sure sexified it for me! It feels sexier when I wear it knowing it has been wrapped round her warm curves 😉

Kate’s gorgeous, isn’t she? She loves Superman and Superwoman, so when I asked her if she’d like to try my super-sexy-expensive Superman exhibition outfit on, she couldn’t say no! I won’t let anyone else try the Superman costume that Kana made for me, as that’s sentimental, and for mine, Kana and Mika’s extra curricular use only, private conventions 😉

Who says a woman can’t wear a Superman outfit and not look drop dead sexy in it? Wait till you see Kate as Superwoman and Shabina as Dark Superwoman wrestling it out in the studio! I can’t find the preliminary set, but I will…..


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