The MCM convention on in Manchester yesterday was really fun! As I said Friday, I didn’t go in my Superman costume, but my Spiderman one! There were quite a few Supergirls and Batgirls around, but unlike ComicCon 2010 I wasn’t surrounded by Superwoman, but Spiderwoman! I met a rather sexy angel dressed as a skimpy Spiderwoman called Elise. We actually didn’t spend a lot of time in the exhibition centre, these two pictures were taken at another private cosplay party event in Salford that Elise took me and Hannah to! She was hunting for cosplayers to poach for her friend’s party!

Here’s me with Elise, she took a liking to me as Spiderman, she makes a very pretty (and daringly skimpy! ;)) Spiderwoman:

The Spiderman outfit I have isn’t just thin Spandex, this one’s actually padded out, I like how beefy it makes me look, but it got very sweaty! I do have a Spandex one but that isn’t for cosplay events, this one’s more authentic. Check Elise out in the next pic, we got a nice full length shot of her, in hotpants and all, showing her lovely legs off:

This shot shows my tummy off a little, that beerbelly won’t be there much longer. Elise didn’t mind, she said I was cuddly, which was actually a nice compliment, she was a great partner. She didn’t see my face all day until the dinner we had later on, when she then said I was cute! Awww, shucks, she wasn’t bad herself 🙂 That’s what I like about my Spiderman outfit, I can keep the mask on and keep girls at events guessing what I look like, minus glasses (Don’t try keeping glasses on under one of these things, I tried and it hurt!). I’ve always had nice compliments at reveal time, so I mustn’t be too bad looking, I let the girls decide!

Hannah came along as I mentioned, and she looked absolutely scrumptious as Rogue, Elise took a photo of her:

Overall a great day! Thanks to Steve for the two pictures of me and Spiderwoman Elise, I didn’t even take my phone with me, just me in my costume. Just a shame Kass couldn’t have been with me in her new Superwoman outfit, as she got called away on business, and didn’t finish the meeting till 4pm, I’d already come back to Jenny’s, but I’ll tease her with Elise, she didn’t get chance to flirt with her and I did 😉

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